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  1. I have a 2019 LT crew cab TB (18” stock wheels with duratracs) and for the most part I’m happy. I came from a 2015 sierra Denali with a 6.2. I miss the 6.2 and It kind of pisses me off they strategized to delay the 6.2 a year for the TB I’m sure solely for money. I will say as far as the 8 speed trans goes it’s 100% better than my Denali. This was the reason I got rid of the Denali which already had it replaced under warranty at 30,000 miles and was still a piece of junk. There are two complaints I have with the TB. The suspension is really soft compared to previous trucks. I can grab the side of the bed and shake the truck all over the place. This made me think it would absorb a lot of the road. However I’ve played with different tire pressures and it is flat out a rougher ride than I’ve ever experienced in any other half ton truck I’ve owned. I also got better MPG in my sierra Denali with the 6.2. I attribute this to the lift and duratracs on the TB but I figured the 5.3 would be somewhere close but it’s not being 1-2 mpg lower. I’ve never been in an RST but they seem nice. I think it basically boils down to looks. I wanted a stock lift which is why I went with the TB. If looks aren’t a big deal definitely go with the RST and save a little cash. Only regret is not waiting for a 6.2 TB.
  2. What does the off road mode do? I have a 2019 LT trail boss and it only has tow haul and sport mode.
  3. I just recently decided to start carrying a magnetic money clip. Would there be any issues if I carried the money clip in the same pocket as my keyless start key fob? I’m new to the whole push button start and don’t want to be stranded.
  4. I had a 2015 sierra Denali 6.2 8 speed prior to my 2019 LT trailboss 5.3 8 speed. I absolutely hated the transmission in the Denali. I would shift from park to reverse in it and there was always a delay then it would lunge. At 32,000 miles the transmission was replaced under warranty and still had major issues. I was very hesitant to get the 8 speed again because it haunted me but my truck is night and day better than my old Denali. I have noticed some very small jerks but for me as long as it doesn’t get worse I’m completely happy with it. I would say the 8 speed is a lot better in the new vs old trucks. As long as my trans isn’t a fluke I would buy it again. However if money is no object the 6.2 10 speed combo can’t be beat. My old 6.2 Denali had better mpg than my new 5.3.
  5. My 2019 trail boss tailgate does the same thing. Most of the time the first button push just makes a click sound but doesn’t drop. Then if I press it again the tailgate usually drops. Mine has been that way since day one as well. I’d much rather have a handle since this mechanism doesn’t seem to be all that reliable.
  6. I have a crew cab short bed trail boss and I just recently found out it’s longer than my previous sierra Denali. I tried to park in the garage due to a hail storm coming and noticed it’s about 4 or so inches too long. Anyone with this same setup having issues as well? I have an older home with a 2 car garage and I’m looking at moving. Are more modern homes built with bigger garages?
  7. Yes and warranty is great but the hassle and risk of further problems that will result as they try a ton of fixes isn’t. Especially when they have no fix and just throw parts at it hoping something works.
  8. My 2019 trail boss LT has the pop and at first I thought it was just rocks coming out of the tire tread hitting the wheel well. I sat in my truck for approximately 20 minutes yesterday with it idling and I bet it popped in the backseat roof area probably around 10 times. It seems to be getting worse and I only have 1200 miles. just ditched a 2015 sierra Denali that was garbage and now this. Crazy
  9. I have a 2019 crew LT Trailboss that has a build date of 7/15/19 and was built in plant G. Is this something I need to worry about or has this occurred only in earlier built trucks. I’ve checked every time it’s rained and so far so good. Just wondered if this is a problem for only a certain time period of builds. thanks
  10. Mine never corrects. Just stays high. I noticed it said it was 115 the day I bought it. Guess I should have asked about it then.
  11. I have a 2019 trail boss LT and the temp display always reads about 9 or so degrees higher than actual temp. Is anyone else seeing this and is there a fix?
  12. How do I figure out my build date to know what fluid my transmission has?
  13. Is there a way to know if you have the old transmission fluid or the new. I bought a 2019 Trailboss about a month or so ago and Its made me worry that it might still have the old fluid.
  14. I’ve always had a tool box in the bed of my trucks but with my new trail boss I’m wanting to pull the trigger and get a tonneau cover. I’m looking at the retraxone mx and the bakflip mx4. I was wanting to see what y’all recommend, here are the following things that may influence the decision. If I go with the bakflip I’ll probably still put my below the rails tool box in. Obviously I can’t do that with the retrax due to the canister. Water tightness and locking security are the most important features. The bakflip doesn’t look as secure because of the pull cords. The retrax has a disadvantage because it takes up bed space from the already small short bed. Any suggestions are welcome. Also any other tonneau cover suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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