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  1. Has anyone tried these on a 2019 LT trail boss? Websites say they won’t fit but I would think they still would. Just want to make sure before I order them.
  2. Has anyone actually had their slider replaced with a solid rear window? I was quoted $630 from a glass company to have it replaced and was told it would be able to be swapped. Just looking for any advice before I decide to go ahead and do it. I haven’t had the dealership try and fix it because from what I’ve heard there is no permanent fix and I don’t want to risk the damage when they try the repairs. What do y’all recommend?
  3. Mine has the popping sound too and I wasn’t going to mess with it for fear they would mess something up. Since I’ll be taking my truck in soon as well I’ll have them try to fix it. The popping is annoying and I hate explaining it to everyone that gets in the truck with me.
  4. Leak is getting worse and I’m about to take it into the dealership. Fingers crossed they can fix it but I’m very doubtful from what I’ve seen.
  5. 2019 trail boss with 7k miles. Went through a car wash the other day and noticed a small amount of water coming down the drivers side rear window. Anyone know how long they typically have the truck for a fix. Are the fixes better now or am I still in for multiple trips to the dealership because the leaks come back?
  6. I recently went slow on a dirt road with some small washboard type ruts in the road. I literally thought the truck was going to fall apart. For being a “trail boss” this thing rides like crap unless it’s on a paved road. Highway bridges also cause it to bounce like crazy.
  7. Has anyone had any damage done to their truck getting the bed aligned? Mine is in the shop now and I was told it has to get sent to their body shop. I’m a little nervous about it.
  8. Unrelated to the multi pro version but I have a stock Trail boss and I have a 3 inch drop tow and stow b&w hitch. It worked great for my previous trucks but seems kind of short for the taller trail boss. I was thinking about getting the 5 inch drop but I’m worried it will drag going out of driveways and such. Anyone able to give any advice on this? Thanks
  9. I’ve always just had chest type tool boxes but with the short bed they just take up too much room. I’ve never had my tool boxes broken into but I’m thinking it wouldn’t take much more effort to get into those than a tonneau cover. I’ve always wanted a cover but there are so many options and for the prices they charge for them I’ve just never pulled the trigger on one. I still don’t know which one would be best but I just hear more about the bakflip brand than most others so I lean towards it. Is anything superior to a mx4 that has the same fold back style?
  10. I’m in the market to buy a tonneau cover. I like the style of the bakflip mx4 and revolver x4. The most important attributes for me is security and water resistance. I have seen videos of possible entry made from devices like coat hangers slid under the covers and pulling the cable to unlock them. Has anyone ever actually had this happen? I see other models have unlock designs that seem to be a little more secure. Can anyone give me guidance before I drop $1,000?
  11. Someone please give me ideas to help with the ride quality of my 2019 LT trail boss. I’m tired of going over small bumps in the road and feeling like I’m in the ring with Mike Tyson. I’ve played with the tire pressures but that doesn’t seem to help much. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Does anyone have this accessory? I’m looking for more pictures of how it looks and opinions on it. Thanks!
  13. I have a 2019 LT trail boss and it has manual fold mirrors. This is one feature I really miss from my previous truck and was wondering if it’s possible to add power folding mirrors. Has anyone done anything like this?
  14. When I got into the truck the next day the check engine light was gone. Hasn’t shown up again. Not sure what the deal was.
  15. 2019 5.3 8 speed trail boss. Any idea what might have caused a check engine light. With all the recalls and now this I’m really starting to get pissed off. Traded a 2015 sierra to avoid problems and now I wished I would have kept it.
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