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  1. When I got into the truck the next day the check engine light was gone. Hasn’t shown up again. Not sure what the deal was.
  2. 2019 5.3 8 speed trail boss. Any idea what might have caused a check engine light. With all the recalls and now this I’m really starting to get pissed off. Traded a 2015 sierra to avoid problems and now I wished I would have kept it.
  3. 2019 5.3 with 8 speed 4,300 miles and it is a lot better than in the previous gen trucks. The only issue I have had is a rare very hard jerk putting the truck in drive. I’ve been going through neighborhoods slow house shopping. This jerk has happened a few times when I stop and put it in park to look at a house then put it in drive and it jerks hard. Pretty rare occurrence and haven’t taken it in to a dealership since I already know the answer (could not replicate). Other than these about 4 occurrences the transmission has been excellent.
  4. Is there a way to disable the 3 honk alert when the truck is running and you step outside with the fob in your pocket? It is extremely annoying.
  5. I learned early on the 8 speed needs some time to settle when shifting from reverse to drive or vice versa. I wait and sometimes it still happens. I will say my 19 is leaps and bounds over my 15 sierra. I’m just hoping it’s an inconvenience and not something I will be spending thousands of dollars on prematurely in the future. That’s why I’m hoping to hear people with high miles say it holds up over time.
  6. I need someone to make me feel better about my 2019 trail boss purchase. I traded my 2015 sierra Denali 6.2 8 speed in on the 5.3 8 speed trail boss. The Sierra had the transmission replaced under warranty at 30,000 miles. It still clunked around but not as bad and had other problems which led me to trade. Now I have the trail boss 8 speed and although it is better it still has some weird shifts and twice from reverse to drive I had a delay and it almost felt like the rear axle was going to rip off the truck. I’m wondering if anyone with the k2’s have high miles on an 8 speed with no problems other than some clunkiness. Every time I drive the truck I’m reminded how the Sierra trans failed and all the problems the 8 speed had.
  7. I wish there was some way they could rip this pos transmission out of my truck and put in the 10 speed. They should have put the 10 speed in the LT trail boss to begin with.
  8. Build date is 7-15-19 which I believe means I have the new fluid. I had a new transmission put in my 2015 sierra and new fluid in it and it still had issues. The fluid may fix a few things but the main problem is still there in all the 8 speeds I think.
  9. I really thought things were going great with this truck minus the 4 recalls I need to get taken care of. Now I’m just regretting not waiting until 2020 to get the 10 speed. I drive a 2010 piece of junk ford explorer for work with 183,000 miles on it and the transmission is smooth and works great. Wish my new truck could do the same.
  10. I have experienced an issue while backing out of the driveway. Once backed out I go from reverse to drive and there is a delay and then the truck violently slams forward. My truck has 3300 miles and it has happened twice. Today was the second time and it was bad. This has been the only issue I have experienced other than very minor jerks and stuff which isn’t a big deal. I usually always let the truck warm up a minute or so before I drive because of the weird things that happen with the trans. I came from a 2015 sierra Denali where my 8spd had to be replaced at 30,000 miles for similar issues but happened all the time. many help would be appreciated! thanks
  11. I have a 2019 LT crew cab TB (18” stock wheels with duratracs) and for the most part I’m happy. I came from a 2015 sierra Denali with a 6.2. I miss the 6.2 and It kind of pisses me off they strategized to delay the 6.2 a year for the TB I’m sure solely for money. I will say as far as the 8 speed trans goes it’s 100% better than my Denali. This was the reason I got rid of the Denali which already had it replaced under warranty at 30,000 miles and was still a piece of junk. There are two complaints I have with the TB. The suspension is really soft compared to previous trucks. I can grab the side of the bed and shake the truck all over the place. This made me think it would absorb a lot of the road. However I’ve played with different tire pressures and it is flat out a rougher ride than I’ve ever experienced in any other half ton truck I’ve owned. I also got better MPG in my sierra Denali with the 6.2. I attribute this to the lift and duratracs on the TB but I figured the 5.3 would be somewhere close but it’s not being 1-2 mpg lower. I’ve never been in an RST but they seem nice. I think it basically boils down to looks. I wanted a stock lift which is why I went with the TB. If looks aren’t a big deal definitely go with the RST and save a little cash. Only regret is not waiting for a 6.2 TB.
  12. What does the off road mode do? I have a 2019 LT trail boss and it only has tow haul and sport mode.
  13. I just recently decided to start carrying a magnetic money clip. Would there be any issues if I carried the money clip in the same pocket as my keyless start key fob? I’m new to the whole push button start and don’t want to be stranded.
  14. I had a 2015 sierra Denali 6.2 8 speed prior to my 2019 LT trailboss 5.3 8 speed. I absolutely hated the transmission in the Denali. I would shift from park to reverse in it and there was always a delay then it would lunge. At 32,000 miles the transmission was replaced under warranty and still had major issues. I was very hesitant to get the 8 speed again because it haunted me but my truck is night and day better than my old Denali. I have noticed some very small jerks but for me as long as it doesn’t get worse I’m completely happy with it. I would say the 8 speed is a lot better in the new vs old trucks. As long as my trans isn’t a fluke I would buy it again. However if money is no object the 6.2 10 speed combo can’t be beat. My old 6.2 Denali had better mpg than my new 5.3.
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