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    '15 High Country 4WD 6.2L
  1. what are my exhausts?

    aside from the black tips, these are just fine. Sound great outside. not too loud inside. Pro installation. all weld, no clamps. No reason to change.
  2. what are my exhausts?

    don't know why any one would choose black over chrome..... whether exhaust tips or wheels.
  3. what are my exhausts?

    TXGREEK ----- Actually, The last mufflers I had installed were flows on my C6 Corvette and they had NO markings at all on them so i'm surprised that this actually had flow master markings. You ARE right though. but it's been rainy & wet here in Waco and not conducive for crawling underneath vehicles.. I've driven all brands and sizes of trucks since 1971. But haven't owned a Chevy pkp since I gave my 2002 Z71 to my son in 2010.
  4. what are my exhausts?

    Mystery solved.. Flow master muffler. 1 in 2 out.
  5. what are my exhausts?

    ADDED new pics today
  6. what are my exhausts?

    Thanks all. Sorry My posted pics didn't help much. I'll provide better ASAP.
  7. Just bought a 2015 6.2 High Country 4x4. (replaced my Raptor and new to GM again) My exhausts split from the muffler on turn to dual.The tips are black and exit out the back under the bumper. These sound great and definitely are aftermarket. Can any of you more familiar with 6.2 after market options help me find a way to determine what brand they are ? Borla? Flow master? Corsa? thanks in advance.
  8. 6.2L Yes or No

    I just bought a sweet High Country 6.2 to replace my totaled Raptor. 6.2 All the way baby. I'm old school and in a truck gimme HP with a heavy dose of torque

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