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  1. One of the reviews I read was a complaint about wind noise. Anyone on here with that problem?
  2. Does anyone know if any of the 4" Trail Boss lifts will accept use of the 18 inch black factory Trail Boss wheels? Curious because I would like to install a lift to get a total of 6 inches however, am not interested in aftermarket wheels.
  3. That's unfortunate but I appreciate the info. I put an inquiry into Lew at Diablewtune and Blackbear. Hopefully I'll get some news back tomorrow.
  4. Will do. Thanks for the advice. I'll post the response & if he can, I'll post the results.
  5. That is one of the reasons that I bought the custom TB instead of the LT. Do you know what my options are? My 2015 Silverado was great after an out of the box tuner and I loved the way that my truck drove after tuning out the AFM as well.
  6. Ok. I've got a 2019 Custom Trail Boss. It's got the 5.3 AFM with the 6 speed trans. I cannot get a firm answer on tuning. Since I've got the "last generation" powertrain, is it tunable or am I out of luck because it is the new body style 2019?
  7. Thanks definitely loving this setup a lot! So, in front of the front wheels, nothing at all as far as rubbing goes. In the rear of the front wheels, I had some and I found the best way to eliminate it was to remove the bracket behind the fender liner and trim the mudflaps. As soon as I did that, full turn forward/reverse over curbs, etc and I've got plenty of room with no rub whatsoever. I'm doing some finishing sanding on the flaps to make them look factory. No crazy angles but next weekend after my alignment, I'll be checking all my torque values once more and I'll snap some pictures.
  8. Finished everything up. Had to make my appointment for the alignment next Friday due to shipment delays. 1.5 motofab & 35 12.50 18 Ridge Grapplers with 2" Bora spacers.
  9. Was going to install mine last night but it's arriving late. Tires just showed up though. Gonna go get them mounted. Hopefully it'll be in the mailbox this afternoon and I'll get it on tonight. So I can get my alignment in the am.
  10. Question for all of you who have installed the 1.5 motofab. I just bought one since motofab now has a TB/AT4 listed on the site. For installation did you need to take all of the steps on their video as far as disconnecting everything to get the space for install. I've seen some videos online where people have done it after getting the truck high enough in the air. Planning to install tonight and get my 35 12.50 18 Ridge Grapplers installed tomorrow, then alignment Saturday morning.
  11. I'm curious if many TB/AT4s were able to achieve factory alignment specs. No matter where the 2" is placed I don't see why it should matter. I'd prefer to not disassemble the strut.
  12. After looking at the instructions, I'm not sure if I'm completely missing something but does this type of a leveling kit cause for less aggressive angles/wear over the motofab that everyone else has already already been running with?
  13. Now Rough Country has released their official AT4 kit (not for TB) we should start seeing some come out soon. Still holding out here.
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