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  1. Thanks guys. Just making sure. Luckily I had a couple in my garage from my High Country. Looks like Amazon has some different options for those spots also. Will be curious how well those work.
  2. Just curious, are the 2019s supposed to come with the moveable tie downs for the bed? My 2015 High Country came with 4 of them but my 2019 came with zero. If everyone is getting them I will go back to my dealer and demand them as they are over $100 on GM website.
  3. Man I keep hearing the same things over and over about the interiors of the 2019s but I guess I either have lower expectations or I just love the GM layout and materials. I am coming from a 2015 High Country to my new AT4 and I feel like the interior is a pretty big upgrade. Maybe not revolutionary but much nicer none the less. I drove the Ram several times and whatever it was, it just didn’t feel right to me, maybe too car like I don’t know. Anyways, everyone has their preferences and that is fine as they are all great trucks IMO. I really like what Gm has done.
  4. More picture when you get a chance. I’m in a black 2015 High Country now but want an AT4. Was going to go black again even though it is a PITA and this is the only other color I was considering but have not seen many.
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