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  1. Went with the Nitto Terra grapplers. Have an aggressive appearance and the road noise has been minimal. Of course I have a Borla S type exhaust too that may or may not be masking some of that.
  2. Just finished my s- type install. With a lift I had it done in under an hour. Plan on buying the front exhaust clamp as well. For some reason they used a stainless band with a zinc or galvanized bolt. Or go to your local hardware store get a 8mm x 1.25 stainless bolt and washer.
  3. Was curious if someone could point me in the direction of some 1.5 inch rear blocks that are not tapered. Would like a pinch of rake after the level
  4. Went with the 285 50s everything cleared just fine. Even the weather techs. Got my running boards back from powder coat today too.
  5. I can confirm they rub with only doing a quick lift. Half of what you read says they don't the other half says they do.
  6. Anyone tried 285/55r22 tires with a level? I was looking at a set of Nitto terras hoping they would fit without rub.
  7. I have the same boards mine chipped and peeled like hell. Had them sandblasted and powder coated. They look awesome now. Those pads pop off you just have to be careful.
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