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  1. Good reason to use GM financing? If it doesn’t run see ya later! I’m done making payments.. But seriously though my buddy had this same issue 2 months ago. His 21’ truck was in shop for a few months. They finally replaced ECU and pickup has been great ever since. Just get it fixed screw the lawyers.
  2. This is what I took to dealer.. They were not aware of it, then researched it more and their version included up through 2018.
  3. There is a tech service bulletin on this.. get the trans fluid flush / fill procedure done.
  4. Also my down shift clunk in 2011 went away after installing Range AFM disable module. It was clunking on decel. I think ECU gets confused when going to 4 cycl mode and decelerating and down shifting. Once it was locked in v8 mode it is SO much better. I am at 180k miles on my 2011 5.3 6 speed. Wife love love loves her 18’ Denali. Heated steering wheel is a chick magnet for sure. She would sell me to keep it.
  5. This is such a no brainer.. Why on gods earth would you buy first year production on anything these days. Always buy the last year in a production cycle. Then the bugs are worked out.. and NOT by you! If there is a reoccurring problem there will likely already be a solution you don’t need to wait long for. The 2018 is the last year in that production cycle.. Then 2019 is totally new everything. Exactly why I bought a 2018! Get the 2018 for smokin deal especially if it still has warranty. Hopefully it has the “whoa is me” chevy shake so you can get an even better deal. Then go get the garbage trans fluid changed for $200 and away you go. They are ALL going to have a handful of problems. So get the one that already has the solutions too..
  6. You gotta get the Pulsar https://www.rangetechnology.com/products/pulsar_lt/parts/22451
  7. My wife has an 18’ sierra denali and loves it. Quite the chick truck.. Had the trans shudder first 150 miles. Took it in for service bulletin. Bad trans fluid.. weird. No problems since.
  8. I had water in wiring connector by front brake caliper that caused this issue on my truck. Unplug connector spray it out with electrical cleaner, add die-electric grease then plug back together.
  9. Yeah seems cool until you start having valve train issues and blown PCV valves. Then you realize how bad the truck performs when you hit the gas.. Down shift twice, engage 8 cylinders, up shift once, clunk 3 times, then it finally accelerates..
  10. There are AFM / DFM delete kits out that remove all the components and replace the valve lifters, rocker arms and valve cover. These factory parts are being changed often under warranty. So I’ll bet they are losing money big time on this.. Hopefully they are deleted.
  11. My wifes 18’ Sierra Denali had the shake and rumble at 300 miles when new. I researched the Tech service bulletins and found one regarding Trans fluid. We took back to dealer they did the flush and fill procedure and truck has been great since the flush and re-fill. Turns out they got a bad batch of trans fluid.. I was skeptical but it actually fixed it. Don’t wait get it flushed before the trans grenades.
  12. They should focus on cab pre-heaters and block heaters more.. plug into 120v in winter to pre-heat.. Warm up time is what kills my fuel usage in winter. Warm up for 15 - 20 min every time truck is cold eats fuel! AFM is creating more problems than solutions when it comes to fuel usage. There is a difference but it is so minimal.. The “elephant” gas user is cold starting when you don’t park in a warm garage.
  13. 3 blown valve cover seals and PCV replacement due to high pressure oil blasting when lifter shuts off.. = bad design. Then engine chokes on oil. Get rid of that crap!
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