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  1. Rear door jam. Read section 2-8 in owners manual regarding safety locks for kids or rear passengers. Could be the issue.
  2. Man as long as it wasn’t wrecked or swamped or something crazy like that you got a good ride for that price. These pickups are getting pretty refined. I’ve been contemplating trading mine in for new. But the new ones are SO gadget crazy now. I don’t want 6 freakin cameras.. geez One other odd thing that popped up on mine. The right headlight kept blowing. I originally put PIAA bulbs in so i thought it was the junk PIAA bulbs. (which they still are don’t buy) The bulb connector had a bit of melting on it so it was arcing and burning out the bulb. Was a b!tch to figure out. Had it at dealer twice and they just replaced bulb.. Finally took it apart myself and found problem. It was obvious so i was a bit ticked my dealer didn’t find that. The factory plug in harness was $39. Kind of a PIA to change but problem solved. I put a little die-electric grease in socket. done.. I drive in the worst possible salt / freeze thaw road conditions since my truck was new. Been best pickup i’ve owned.
  3. Take to gm dealer. The ABS system has a specific procedure to bleed the brakes. Midas was totally lost on mine.
  4. A couple things came up on mine. I have the 5.3 though. I bought new and now has 140k. Been a great ride so far. Headlights started blinking every time I hit the brakes. Very subtle but annoying at night. It was a faulty brake light switch locate above brake light peddle. Oil pressure issue.. Fault code / trouble light. It was sending unit and filter screen located just below. Expensive fix at dealer since they have to pull intake manifold. PCV valve fault code / trouble light. New valve cover w/ integral pcv valve fixed it. Expensive at dealer. rough idle at 100k. plugs / wires and fresh ECU tune at dealer. They have a pretty good tune up agenda at 100k miles. Rear brakes replaced. Stupid driver left parking brake on at boat ramp and took off with “heavy” boat.. doh! Morimoto 2 stroke LEDs work well in low beams. Have to pull airbox to change passenger side.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get the plastic corners for this cover? My tire guy broke them shoving tires under the cover.. GM Factory discontinued so not available at dealer. My cover is in mint condition so i’d rather not buy a whole new one. Thanks!
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