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  1. Had truck about a little over two months ! It has THE 8 speed transmission and the ( I think ) 3.2 something rear end, I gave vin number to dealer yesterday he said correct rear end for best gas mileage not 3.7 or 3.8 ??? Gas mileage around town last 100 miles around 11 mpg. At times I've seen 16 maybe 17 on HGW. It seems best around town is probably 12. I've been looking for a truck like this for awhile with the assumption that the sticker of 17 -23 MPG is close ! WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? Gas mileage is NOT what I expected 😡😡😡 Also I notice a small when its fired up, just doesn't smell NORMAL !!!
  2. Red Tow Hooks & Rubber Floor Mats

    Where u located what kind of rubber mats are they GMC, Chevy or after market ?
  3. All Terrain Stock Wheels for sale

    In East Haven , these are original GMC Wheels not replica. I want to replace with original Chrome GMC ! EXCELLENT condition ! Probably $ 850.00 I have to see about GMC replacement. I know replicas around the same , original around $1200.00 C.P. # 203-494-3812 Mike
  4. I have stock 2016 20 inch wheels for All Terrain Sierra, they are chrome and dark I'm In CONNECTICUT . For sale. I want same style but in ALL Chrome , my wheels are in EXCELLENT Condition !!
  5. 2018 20" Sierra rims *like new*

    I have a 16 with All Terrain Package they are in mint shape but too dark with Iridium Metallic Paint for me. I'd like ALL Chrome ! I have to sell mine but could do later. I'd like estimate. TY
  6. 2018 20" Sierra rims *like new*

    How much to ship ?
  7. 2018 20" Sierra rims *like new*

    Where r u located ?
  8. 2018 20" Sierra rims *like new*

    Where r u located ?
  9. I have a All Terrain 2016 The wheels are mint , Excellent , The truck color is Iridium Metallic, wheels are stock the Inner design is a darker color the exterior design is more in the chrome/ silver family. I would like To swap with somebody or cash exchange with somebody depending on year / condition for The Solid Color type Chrome/ Silver ,I think there are two designs, my Wheels are 20 inch ,Mike 203-494-3812
  10. 8 speed transmission ?

    Update I decided to pick up The Truck ! I guess time will tell ! I have warrantee till 2021 so I guess I gotta roll with it ! Anybody have the part number on The NEW Mobil 2019 Transmission fluid ? Chevy diagnostic tool picoscope didn't pick up any problems I experienced in 17 mile ride ! What is this Bosch tool , What does it look like ? I'd like to compare to my service paperwork and see if it's the same fluid they used ? Thanks 👍 I also been in touch with lawyer in Florida where Class action law suit has been filed, there are no costs involved, they have gotten back to me ,I now have to send them some information !
  11. 8 speed transmission ?

    Thanks for all responses !
  12. 8 speed transmission ?

    Just a joke Now ! ! ! No Gm employees respond 🤯🤯🤯😉😉
  13. 8 speed transmission ?

    Thanks for reply 👍
  14. 8 speed transmission ?

    Thanks for input 👍
  15. P,ease chime in ! Number one what's The most miles you guys have on the 8 speed ? Has anybody had Failed 8 speed transmission ? How has The NEW Mobil 1 Flush of 2019 doing ? I just had flush done but haven't picked up truck or tried on advice from my Attorney ! Not SURE I want the truck and the aggravation that probably goes with it ! Good thing, I THINK Warranty will cover problems since it's a 2016 with 32,000.00 miles on it ! Is THERE ANYBODY that has a trouble FREE 8 speed ? Can it be fixed by aftermarket guys ? My Lawyer said tell dealer I don't want the truck I have ! We will see ! Thanks for any input !

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