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  1. Yeah, and no lol, new to me as in 2 years ago, just recently started building it to my taste, after it has met and exceeded all my expectations. First time I had it on the beach I was too scared to stop and hang out thought the damn thing was gonna sink in the sand haha And ill tell ya what, them Ram Laramie have it figured out. Those interiors are crispy
  2. Got to spend some time on the beach in Corolla NC on vacation, this truck Is just awesome And please excuse the neglected truck, ran out of time for a detail before we left for vacation.
  3. Hey All, Newish to chevy, and forum posting, so bare with me, been following this site since I bought my new to me 16 silverado lt back in Jan-Feb of 18. Bought it stock and it's been one helluva truck since. Came from an 06 ram 2500 with the 5.7 and 35s, nice to have a truck that the wife enjoys riding in ? The ram, was a good truck sorry to see her go. First is a before. Second is an after I lost the ol girl. Next is the truck the day I bought her, then a slightly accurate lapse till today. My truck pulls triple duty and hold up to it, Horse shows 1 weekend, shows the next, and daily in between
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