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  1. I did the center console swap on my 2018 Silverado using Phil G wiring adapter kit installing a center console from a 2014 Silverado everything went well it all worked including the LED light inside the console fast forward three year and the LED light stopped working, I replaced it but to no avail, anyone have any suggestions thanks in advance
  2. I did the same console swap exact same thing happened to me every thing worked and the one day the console led light quit working, I replaced the led light but same issue was not the led bulb I’m stumped as well i put a 2014 console in a 2018 Silverado if you ever figure out the issue please let me know
  3. I had a sound similar and thought it was coming from the defrost vent, it sounded like a marble rolling around, it ended up being on of the screws that hold the overhead sunglasses had fallen out and was rolling around up there dont know if that’s it but worth looking at
  4. Phil

    is it possible to change the three port usb hub from a 2015 Silverado console to the two port USB port so I can use the out port to feed the Brown connection for  ports inside the console, I have the black to brown cable but the black port on the HMI is already used so if I had the newer usb hub with the in and out ports I could do as you demonstrate on you examples. If so where could I get the newer usb hub with the in and out capability 

    1. pgamboa


      Yes you can.


      you can also unplug the black port from the HMI and omit that. It terminates under the passenger seat.  Black to brown there..


      Then use the green to gray to the front hub. 

  5. What is the chance I could get one of the wiring harnesses for the jump seat console swap? I purchased a center console from a 2015 Chevy Silverado and my truck is a 2018 Chevy Silverado, the console is the older version with the three USB ports

    1. pgamboa


      Hey there,


      I can get you on the build list once payment is received.  Current Lead time is 5-7 business days to build.  Then 2-3 shipping via USPS Priority Mail.


      Center Console Harnesses are $150 shipped anywhere in the US.


      I accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Credit Card (via Square), and mailed Check/Money Order.


      If paying with PayPal, I ask that the payment be sent as Friends and Family to minimize fees. If sending as Goods and Services, please send $154.79 to cover the additional fee that PayPal charges. 


      PayPal - [email protected]


      Venmo - @philgamboa


      Zelle - 469-734-8505


      Check/Money Order - Can be mailed to:


      Phil Gamboa

      5100 Eldorado Pkwy.

      Ste. 102-813

      Mckinney, TX 75070


      Once payment is made, please send me a separate email with your name, shipping address, phone #, and “16-pin Center Console Harness for 2018 Silverado/Sierra” in the message. 





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