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  1. That sounds great. I wasn’t aware the other website was only the shell of the console. Thanks for pointing that out. That being said, I will be getting with you soon to order everything from you then since it’s super convenient. Probably in either the reverse tartan or carbon fiber.
  2. So I have a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE. It has the sd card/usb/aux and cigarette lighter inside jump seat. Under the radio has a 110 plug in and cigarette lighter. I don’t have the usb inside the glove compartment. I am wanting to order the console part # 23359405 off newgmparts.com. I’m not sure if it has the two or three usb on front. My question is what all do I have to purchase. Do I need your harness that you make, the brown to black usb cable 19303285 and the gray to green 19303284 to make this work. Just checking before I order everything. Thanks.
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