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  1. I'm having some work done on my 2008 Duramax. I have one diesel mechanic I spoke with who recommended I add a Lift Pump and recommended the BD system. I was talking with second Diesel mechanic who says he only recommends the Fast Fuel Pump Lift Pump System for that year of truck. Which one should I go with? I'm also going to add a compression brake and I'm planning to go with the BD system that compresses in the Turbo (if I understand correctly) which is half the money of the full jake brake system that compresses in the exhaust pipe -- BD also makes that system. As of now I'm choosing the first option because they're saying it's as good as the compression brake that I had in my 2011 system (which worked quite well) at half the price of the other system. Do I really need to go with the one that compresses in the exhaust? The 2nd Diesel mechanic recommended the full exhaust system and said that I should do a delete package and add a 4" exhaust at the same time. He also recommended I remap the computer with a 30 hp tuner. We're talking a lot more money for these options. At this point I'm thinking about the cheaper compression brake and the Lift Pump and skipping the other items to save money. I'm leaning towards the BD system over the Fast Fuel. What would you recommend?
  2. Well, I probably didn't explain myself very well. But I have decided to go with an 08 that had low miles. Nice Z71 package and an excellent deal that I couldn't pass up. It has been recommended to me to install a Lift Pump on this. But one Diesel guy says get the BD system the other says get the Fast Fuel Pump system. Any recommendations?
  3. I currently have a 2011 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD 4x4 Diesel Crew Cab, short bed. It's my perfect truck, it's exactly what I want, it's exactly what I need. I have equity in it and I decided to refinance... It has 152K miles. Bank said, you qualify for the loan but your truck doesn't : - ( Truck has to be under 125K miles. It can be an older truck but not high miles. So I'm in the market for basically the same thing but lower miles. I'm wanting to keep my price down, cash in on some equity and keep my payments the same or lower. If A truck at $20K gets my payments lower. $25K my payments are the same. $30K my payments go up. I don't want to go over $30K unless there's a compelling reason to do so. My truck gets used 4 to 6 times per month on average. Either to haul hay or haul horses. I'm leaning towards more of a ranch vehicle right now. At the same time, I've got a 2011 and I'm not super excited about downgrading either. I'd just keep mine but I need to take my equity and pay off some higher interest loans. I'd appreciate some suggestions... Here's what I've been looking at: A 2005 Silverado 3500 HD fully loaded for $20K with 123K miles on it. The only thing it doesn't have is the exhaust brake which I can add. Are the 2005's a good way to go? This one is local. Next one up is a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 Extended Cab 116K miles for $25K I'm looking at two 2013's -- a Sierra 3500 ext. cab for $30K with 120K miles (local) and a Silverado crew cab with 115K miles for $28K (8 hours away) I drove a 2012 with 80K miles that I can probably get for around $34K It's over my budget but what a nice truck! This one is local The best deal I've found is 3 hours away on a 2015 Silverado 2500LT for 30K with low miles. If that one is still available I might have to go for it just because it's a great deal! Only three of the trucks on this list are close by. The best deals on this list I'd have to travel a couple hundred miles to get to 'em. What are some other great years to consider? Should I consider anything older than 2011? The 2011 has all the factory built in towing features that I love. But that 2005 is a really good deal on a nice truck too. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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