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  1. Not unless you know a lot more about the tech than it sounds.
  2. I have a larger one in the bed, just bypassed the tiny stick one for now.
  3. I have 12 x 6V 450hour batteries in the bed front custom built box. Attached to a 3000W inverter. Various plugs for specific uses. Can power the 40’ fifth wheel a couple of days. Or run the air compressor of various power tools. That what your thinking?
  4. 2.5 g jugs. KM’s say 1000 to go usually. I put in 1 or two, depending on the price where I am while on the road. I don’t drive over 115km/hr. Too much attention in this rig. Got a recall today concerning improperly programmed computer for DEF, in dealership right now getting it rectified. Then we will be able to see if better or worse DEF usage going forward.
  5. Finished first year on my 2019 Sierra 3500 HD, over 30,000km averaging a jug of DEF every 2700km or 11 jugs in 12 months or whatever else. Crazy. Only runs out when I leave the city limits. Usually notifies me half way through the point of no return and my destination so I can introduce myself to yet another GM dealer parts counter. It well thought out since it’s easy to over fill and spill. Like some diesel gas pumps.
  6. Yeah! Never go in. Never go there ever. I deal over the phone, text, emails. I have them deliver and I sign papers after looking at the vehicle and reading everything. If you catch an error your in a position to get a better deal.
  7. Don’t be several trips now with the 39’ Raptor trailer, no issues even on serious incline to flat. So very happy with my above mentioned choices.
  8. I foolishly attempted adjusting my left mirror. I had 30,000 km currently on this rig without issue, the point is that the mirrors should fold back out or lock when driving. Shit happens.
  9. I don’t have the power extend. But sounds cool. I will upgrade the mirror motors, thats a safety issue since it’s pretty easy to accidentally hit that button. Bad call on GMC for trucks that tow stuff. Still a great truck. (Swing over to Twitter, GMC, Trucktober and you can see.)
  10. Sounds weird. The 2019 3500 has wireless trailer camera option. Works fine on my 39’ trailer. You can get a Furrion Observation as well if you want an external screen. .
  11. I have the 2019 3500 Dually with 8’ bed, with the 39’ travel trailer on a Geny Executive Gooseneck long hitch and I can turn a little more than 100 degrees and not get the window or fender. I suppose if I wasn’t paying attention or really uneven terrain....
  12. So the other day towing our 39’ trailer, I touched the fold/open mirror button. Bad news, the motors are useless driving at legal highway speed to put the mirrors back to driving position. Just a heads up. I will probably upgrade those motors, kinda sissy for a 3500.
  13. 1) would they do this if your position were reversed? ;) 2) I bought mine over the internet from 5 plus hours away, they delivered all paperwork to me, they even delivered the vehicle.
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