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  1. 1) would they do this if your position were reversed? ;) 2) I bought mine over the internet from 5 plus hours away, they delivered all paperwork to me, they even delivered the vehicle.
  2. Search back a ways I’m in Orleans, Ontario, Canada but online from Oshawa. I think we are doing pretty well with dollar value and deals.
  3. Looked at them. Lots of issues. I have more cameras than they can handle so I passed. Those 10” screens do look cool though.
  4. Yeah, that’s the trick, when I started asking about the colour combo I wanted and options, only three popped up in North America at the time. Thankfully the dealer was driven to give a fair deal.
  5. Don’t fall for that. With a little planning, understanding and patience you can fix it all. Manufacturers of vehicles are pretty clueless and tend to use outdated and widely adopted tech making actual cost and maintenance profitable, so you might as well profit. I have a 2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged as an example that has never seen a dealer. Never will. Amazing how inexpensive they really are. My new dually is not going to the dealer either. ;)
  6. I gave all three manufacturers a chance for my dually. RAM jerked me around for 3 Mths. Ford ignored me and GM dealers as well. So I rate them all equally as crap. After 5 mths I stumbled across a GM dealer that wanted to move product and at a tremendous deal, 5 hours from, took 2 days on the phone and they kept giving me a better deal, truck delivered to my home following week. Ford finally got back to me but still didn’t listen. Local GM dealer asked why I didn’t buy from them, I told them. Anyway, first GM product for me - 2019 GMC Denali 3500 HD and I like it. ;)
  7. You my friend must have those fabled roads I’ve heard about. ;) I just don’t worry about it anymore with Centramatic’s, wear is so far controlled, handling (especially cornering) super smooth and even on the overly rough crap roads I get a sweet ride until the rear suspension gets a solid section under it. Wife says, ‘no dealers, happy life’.
  8. Interesting and cool but since it negates my full tow camera setup I can’t see the value.
  9. I have drw. I was wondering initially about ride, had the tires balanced. Seemed OK. But having another heavy vehicle with powerI know a few bumps later and issues will arise again. So I decided on Centramatic’s, very pleased, your view may differ.
  10. You mean balanced on Road Force? Don’t bother. I have no weights on any wheels, summers or winters, the Centramatic’s are dynamic and forever adjusting. You get a swish sound starting out until just shy of 40km/h then silence. Sound won’t return until you drop below about 17km/h. The sound is the result of all those beads/bearings in the disks waiting for physics to tell them where they need to be. Best thing I’ve bought in years. Either around town or on the highway, they really help the truck feel grounded and offer the smoothest rotation of the wheel/tire possible and constantly updating. Glad I stumbled across them and really appreciative of the people who provided positive views of the product when I asked them.
  11. What pressures inner back vs outer back? Insides should be 3-5 psi less. That said a good bump can throw them out. I’ve mentioned Centramatic’s before as they don’t care about issues with tire and wheel, they balance on the fly. Your mileage may vary. ;)
  12. Hahahahahahaha All thumbs. Anyway I really like these Centramatic thingies, just threw the original rubber back on for the summer and the guys at the shop were eager to know how the ride was over the winter without adding weights to the wheels. I let them go for a spin. ;) They seemed to enjoy the ride. Then once the summer rubber was on again I sent them out again for comparison. Anyway, enough if that.
  13. They just don’t fill them up off the lot. Probably worried it will go bad. Guessing...
  14. I’ll answer any real world questions you have. I saw these on some tractor trucks and got to chatting with several of them. Decided to try these. Rather amazing. One side effect that may put some off, they are filled in the edges with beads and at low speeds with windows open you will here a constant swishing sound. Tires and handling noticeably improved especially in corners. Good mileage as well. In town I’m only getting 17km/l but highway runs 10-12km/l. Just thought some of you might enjoy them.
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