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  1. Yes that is what the original Iron X Smells like, and how the coloration dies when it contacts iron, but man it does its job WELL!! glad you found a simple solution and it looks great !!
  2. I love Iron X that stuff is awesome, used it on my old GMC Safari that had rust stains on it from the well water. cleaned right up it may be pricey but do NOT accept imitations !! READ & FOLLOW the directions, the stuff turns purple when it hits iron. Darker purpler the more iron. also used it to clean up the foundation block to remove the iron... DO NOT get the scented crap either, get the standard issue formula !! buy from Amazon or Autogeeks wheel before outter wheel cleaned up rear fender partial cleaned after 1 coat of cleaning !! i keep a bottle with my detailing stuff just in case !! lots of iron in the water around here !!
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