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  1. 2011 Sierra Remote Start

    It doesn't say that so I believe my sensor is good. Is there anyway I can tell if the BCM or (whatever module that gets flashed) is actually programmed for remote start without taking it to the dealer?
  2. 2011 Sierra Remote Start

    Neither one is on and the lights are still only flashing? Sorry but I want to get this figured out.
  3. 2011 Sierra Remote Start

    What if I clear the light with an OBDII?
  4. When I go to remote start my vehicle the lights flash but no start? I called burnettes automotive and gave them my vin and in their system they said it looked like it had the correct code for remote start. When I took it to the GMC dealer to get more fobs programmed he said he thinks someone had it deactivated. I talked to another GMC dealer and he said there's is no such thing as deactivation. My glove box still says AP8 though and not AP3. So what does the lights flashing mean?

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