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  1. I know that my 5.3 isn't flex fuel, but I use E30 just as I have in all of my vehicles flex fuel or not.
  2. They said that it was doing a 2-1 shift, they undated the computer and said that there's really nothing else they can do until until GM comes out with a specific update for this issue. So basically live with it lol.
  3. I always turn auto stop - start off, so I know that mine isn’t shutting down. I have had mine do it when starting and taking off without reversing as well.
  4. Ceramic coated, clear bra on the bumper and grill, auto vent shade.
  5. Mines at the dealership rate now for this very issue, mechanic stated that he’s had a couple others in for this. It’s almost as if it starts in second gear and then bangs down into first. I have had mine do it quite a few times, usually when backing out of my driveway and going to take off in drive.
  6. I think the bottom of the center console is different as well, with out the charger there's a divider that runs horizontal, with the charger the divider runs vertical. If you pull out the current liner the divider is molded into the bottom of the console. I would like to know the part number or a diagram for the console, I'm betting there are different numbers for them.
  7. It’s about 1/2 inch narrower, I think If I was parked beside another one, you probably couldn’t even tell.
  8. Aimoll 2pcs 10 Inch Big Chrome... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CWLNTGF?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share they are about 1/2 shorter length wise, so just marked everything with masking tape before removing and then recentered.
  9. Im trading a 2015 Lariat FX4 in tomorrow for a Trail Boss LT. I was pretty die hard chevy until I got burned in 2008, when't to a 2011 f150 and loved it, the 2015 was definitely a step back for them on several things, I really like the looks of the 2019.
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