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  1. My neighbor also swears by Lucas oil stabilizer additive. I’m apprehensive using it but he absolutely swears by it (he has a Tahoe with the same engine and he also puts it in his Duramax) Everything I’ve researched says it only thickens oil viscosity, but he thinks it’ll take care of it.
  2. Thank you! i had an induction service done about a year ago, so I guess I’m due for it again. I know these gdi engines are notorious for that carbon buildup. Hoping it’s not a lifter, however in all the time it’s been doing this it has not gotten worse, so I guess that’s good news.
  3. 2014 Silverado with 5.3. engine ticks, on cold startup every morning. Almost sounds like a lifter. Has done it for months, just now getting around to asking. I usually remote start in the morning before I leave for work and by the time I’m ready to leave it has stopped (5-10 minutes on average). I have a pool route and am in and out of my truck 25-30 times a day, and it doesn’t do it any other time. I am religious with oil changes. Any suggestions? Am I screwed, if not now than eventually? See attached video. Thanks in advance!
  4. Mine does the same thing, but not all the time. It seems to do it if I’m switching media on the phone, like if I’m listening to music and switch to a podcast while the music is still playing, or vice versa. The time will be counting like it is playing but no sound is coming from the speakers. I haven’t found a permanent fix, but one thing I’ve found that works is if you make a phone call, wait just long enough for it to ring once or twice, and end the call, the sound of what was originally playing comes back. (I told my wife to ignore my calls unless It rings more than once ) Still an irritating thing, but at least you don’t have to shut off the ignition every time it does it. 2014 Silverado LT, and I also use an iPhone XS Max.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the info! I had read about the Chevy lean but all of those seem to be to the left. I guess I was thrown by why the bed would be level at the front and not in the back. Almost like it’s not square
  6. Just bought '14 Silverado LT Crew Cab 6.5' Bed a month ago - 45,XXX miles, no accidents reported. (Side note, A/C already went out). Love the truck, but when looking at it from the rear it looks like the tailgate is angled down to the right, like the right rear of the bed sags. The toolbox at the front of the bed is perfectly level, but looking from the rear the tool box line and tailgate line do not match up. Am I being nit-picky or is this something that can be fixed? Any idea why it would be sagging in the rear of the bed, but not in the front? Didn't notice it until about 2 weeks after I bought it, and I see it every time I walk behind my truck now.
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