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  1. Looks sweet man. Aggressive especially with that 6.2L wish i could've had that in my truck for the sound, probably better for my wallet that i have the 5.3L. Ha
  2. You've got a nice truck man! Cant wait to see what you do to it, appreciate your suggestions!
  3. Haha! Ive seen a couple threads on a few other forums and things can get pretty heated! Not trying to start anything just trying to find the best products for my 1500. Still new to the forum so not trying to hurt anyones feelings or start any beef. Haha
  4. Thank you! Still not 100% set on anything, my original plan was just cosmetic items to start with, then after i lifted the truck and voided warranty i was gonna get into speed parts, eventually going towards some sort of forced induction whether it be turbo or supercharger. A lot of great suggestions, main focus right now is simple mods that will give me my moneys worth
  5. Very well put, for me i believe if you're gonna spend $50k+ on a brand new truck, you might as well invest a tiny bit more to have the protection and the peace of mind knowing your paint wont get destroyed. Especially the horrifying visuals you put in my head of sending my truck to the scrap yard 10 years from now!
  6. Very helpful! ill look into these! Lucky for me the truck already came with bedliner & chevys version of weathertech mats from factory, so that saved me some money after the initial purchase. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Hey guys, I've been looking around a few different companies and looking at different lift kit options. Just wondering if you guys had any experience/knowledge that you guys wanted to share. I would love any input. Ive been looking at lifts In the range of 7-9" kits. I dont need a great offroading kit because I plan on keeping my truck a little bit more towards the show scene rather than offroad. I plan on putting 37" tires with 22x14's rims. As for offset im not decided yet. Looking to figure out which kit will best fit me and provide a good ride, with good dependability behind it. I have looked at the Cognito 10" lift & love the way it looks and I love the features it comes with. Im a huge sucker for fox shocks, I absolutely loved them on my last truck. However, the Cognito kits go for anywhere over $5,000 depending on what options you add to your kit. Because of this, I started leaning more towards the McGaughys 7-9" lift. The price is a lot better for this kit, I've seen them around $2,500 range. Although, I also checked out a BDS 8" Coilover kit which comes with the fox shocks and fox coilovers. My last truck had BDS suspension on it & it put up to the constant beating I put on it, great kit overall. The 8" BDS kit falls more around the midpoint between Cognito & McGaughys. If you guys have any previous experiences with any of these companies, I would love to hear any good/bad stories. Also, if you guys have any recommendations for other companies im all ears! Thanks
  8. Heck ya man! The biggest mods I have planned for mine will be a 9" lift on 37" tires. As for wheels I've been looking at going with 22x14s for some sweet stance. However, that'll be expensive so I want to start off with some must have mods for now.
  9. Absolutely love the centennial edition package! & I love meeting others with the same truck!
  10. Any suggestions for intakes? i looked at a couple. Mainly trying to find one that can pass CA Smog standards
  11. California is very weird. Technically yes i should have a front license plate by law. On my old truck i ran no front plate for the 2 years i had it and i never got stopped for it once. I always kept my second license plate handy incase anything were to happen. I figure, im gonna roll with it until something happens. Heres a picture of my old truck, because of the bumper not having a front mounting area i didn't worry about the license plate on the front.
  12. Ive got the 5.3L V8 with the active fuel management. I love the V4 thing for the gas mileage, however ive heard some bad things about it & it is the reason i havent looked into exhausts yet, not ready to bypass the V4 mode
  13. Hey guys, my name is Westen. Just made the switch from ford to chevy and bought a 2018 Silverado Centennial edition. What attracted me to this truck was the centennial edition package. For those who aren't familiar the package is the 100 year commemorative edition. Comes with a few cool things on an LTZ chasis. Loved the paint and had to have it. So far I am far more happy with it than I expected to be. Starting a new build is exciting, just wondering what you guys would do for your first mods on a new truck that you must have. I put a picture of my truck somewhere on this thread. My first mods that I've done so far are very cheap mods. I live in California so the truck came with front plates, but I removed that holder, I think it looks so much cleaner. Cost me $0 and thats the best part! Next up I got a TrueSpike 5.5 inch antenna because I can't stand the long antennas. Saturday the truck is going in to get tinted. As for now, thats it but I've been debating getting the truck paint protected with XPEL, but the only thing keeping me back is the price. I know you gotta pay to keep your investment clean, but its a big purchase after buying a brand new truck. Anyone have any information on XPEL to help out? I appreciate your guys responses & am looking forward to meeting some new people through out the build process! If anyone is interested in following me on instagram my user is @chevy.cent Love to get to see some pictures of your guys rides & any mods
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