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  1. Also for $5k I can almost just clean it up and do basic maint to get everything working and flip it for slightly more than what I paid if someone is just looking for a tow vehicle no?
  2. Hi all, looking for some feedback on something: Originally I was looking for high-mileage 2011+ 2500 6.0's with decent body/interior for around $12k, with the intent of rebuilding the power train and turning into a toy. A couple popped up over the past few months but I could never jump on them fast enough. Recently I came across a 2012 2500 LT with ~250,000 miles in bad condition but for pretty cheap. It was a farm truck, likely sat in a field/outside its entire life. The truck has just about everything broken on it but was able to talk them down to $5k, so wondering if even that is too much based on the amount of things wrong with it. -Body was ok, lots of scratches and a few dings but could be fixed, little rust under the rockers. -Frame looked ok, surface rust typical for a '12 in the midwest -Interior is dirty but ok, driver front door needs new handles -Tailgate would need to be replaced, was damaged by gooseneck -Stabilitrak malfunctioning, not sure how much work involved to resolve -Electronic shift would go into 4H but not 4L -Engine light, havent pulled codes yet but since I planned to rebuild the motor/trans not too worried -Couple leaking hoses like power steering -No hvac fan Would dumping another $5-8k into be enough to make for a decent truck with all new fun parts? Or better off just finding a clean one for $12k. tldr; is this worth 5k
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