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  1. 22"Wheel Color

    Bringing this back from the dead but I am curious which of these colors is the one used above. I know one says Escalade and the one says Sierra, but they're the same code and different shades.
  2. Aftermarket Inverter

    I was looking all around and seems like a 2017 Ultimate with 20k miles, one owner, clean history is $42-44k.
  3. Aftermarket Inverter

    For since reason I thought they could come with the 3.42. Guess I was wrong. Oh well.
  4. Aftermarket Inverter

    Thanks for the input guys. I decided to pull the trigger and I fly out in the morning to pick the truck up. I'm joining the club after selling my 08 Z06 a month ago. Hopefully the 6.2 with 3.42 helps make the transition less painful than other trucks.
  5. I'm considering buying a 2017 Denali with 18k miles on it. The truck checks every box. My Only hesitation is that the previous owner installed a 2500w Cobra inverter and a 110 outlet in the bedside towards the tailgate. I'm curious if I should have any concerns about the mod. The install looks professional, and now that I think about it, it would be pretty convenient. It seems like the 110 in the console is pretty worthless from what I've read. Thoughts?

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