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  1. I do have all my settings on correctly. I just think the park assist, and lane assit was much better on my 2015. Just saying!
  2. I am now having issues with the infotainment screen going black while driving, then it looks like it reboots after 30 seconds. The screen that comes up though, is not like the screen that was there previously, it is grey & looks kind of generic.
  3. My 2019 Chevy Silverado High Country has been in shop. Twice now for seat not vibrating when getting as close as 2 inches from a wall or object. They keep telling me that's normal according to GM. Why did I pay $70 grand for worse safety features than my 2015? Does anyone else's vehicle do this?
  4. Actually my 2015 read the text outloud, so you didn't have to take your eyes off the road.
  5. We got our 2019 High Country end of Feb. Have had nothing but trouble with park assist, lane assist, automatic high beams, and seat vibration doesn't work at all. I've had to the dealer for these issues and they tell me you have to be going 38 miles an hr. for the assist to work. Tell me something, how do you park a vehicle at 38 miles an hr.? I hate to say this, but it doesn't work on local roads or highways. We didn't pay 70 grand to not have these safety features work. Please find a fix really soon, or quit letting Mexico build them. My 2015 worked flawlessly. On another note, I used to be able to get my text on screen, well not anymore.
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