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  1. Got an update from the Dealership today, They are going to replace the Transmission Valve body. Unfortunately it is on back order and they have no idea when it is going to come in. But it does look like it is coming from a different manufacturer, New Part Number. Hopefully this is a redesigned valve body.
  2. My 18 silverado has been at the dealership for the last week. They are very aware of the problems with the 8-speed, just describe to them what you posted here and they will more than likely start the troubleshooting by completing the fluid flush. The flush worked for mine for about 500 miles before it started up again. Be ready to fight to have the valve body and torque converter replaced.
  3. Here is a quick video of the front lighting.
  4. the speed turtle 2 had issues, Have not heard of issues with the speedturtle 3.0
  5. Having the same issues as the rest of you. Mine has been at the dealership for the last few days. Problems started around 7000 miles. Hard shift up, and downshifting, shuttering above 30 mph. Dealer already performed the triple fluid flush. Worked for about 800 miles, then the problem started again. Nothing worse than doing 60 and feeling like someone has run into your rear end. Looking like its time for a new valve body and possible torque converter. And the icing on the cake is the rear end vibration. Trying to see if it is the driveshaft or rear axle.
  6. I have the Speed Turtle 3 on my 18 LTZ and love it. Very easy to use. I am also a dealer for Feniex LED Emergency lighting. take a look at http://www.feniex.com and let me know if there is anything you might be interested in. Will post video of my Silverado lit up shortly.
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