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  1. Thank you newdude, great information. Can't wait for the Escalade order guide to come out.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out, did not pick up on that.
  3. I'm looking forward to the air suspension, GM is gaining a customer because of it.
  4. I also saw that the Escalade will not be available until late 2020. Hope that changes, would hope to see it mid year like the Tahoe.
  5. I dislike the black interiors, we always order vehicles with the lighter colors, makes the inside much brighter.
  6. Great information. The air ride suspension is exactly what I need for towing. Big reason I'm switching from Ford to GM.
  7. The next question will be how long do we have to wait before production starts.
  8. Can you provide any additional updates? https://www.autoblog.com/2019/10/03/cadillac-escalade-spied-grille-uncovered/
  9. Surprised at the gear ratios offered. Wonder why they don't offer 3.55's, 3.73's or even 4.10's.
  10. Before I bought a '19 I was also concerned with the V6 and how it would sound. I was pleasantly surprised on how they tuned it, sounded nice and throaty like a V8. Ford knew that was a concern so they addressed it. I only owned the '19 for 4 days before I returned it, I couldn't sit in the seats for extended periods of time, very uncomfortable for me. Other than the seats I loved the vehicle.
  11. Everything I've seen regarding the new platform points to 2021 model year. The published order guide is a carryover from the previous year except for some color changes.
  12. That is disappointing, was looking forward to seeing the redesign.
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