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  1. Can you provide any additional updates? https://www.autoblog.com/2019/10/03/cadillac-escalade-spied-grille-uncovered/
  2. Surprised at the gear ratios offered. Wonder why they don't offer 3.55's, 3.73's or even 4.10's.
  3. Before I bought a '19 I was also concerned with the V6 and how it would sound. I was pleasantly surprised on how they tuned it, sounded nice and throaty like a V8. Ford knew that was a concern so they addressed it. I only owned the '19 for 4 days before I returned it, I couldn't sit in the seats for extended periods of time, very uncomfortable for me. Other than the seats I loved the vehicle.
  4. Everything I've seen regarding the new platform points to 2021 model year. The published order guide is a carryover from the previous year except for some color changes.
  5. That is disappointing, was looking forward to seeing the redesign.
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