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  1. I just picked up a leer 100xr for my 2020 trailboss. Can anyone with leer cap post some close up pictures of the rear door open and closed, specifically the side corners. Seems like the door of mine is not closing fully due to excess weather strip, or it being improperly trimmed weather strip. Thanks
  2. Dmouton, did u remove the “leer emblem and writing” off the back glass of the cap?
  3. Did u pay $149.99 for the metal brackets ?
  4. Has anyone looked into raising the drivers seat in the cab. I currently drive a 2020 custom, coming from a 2018 LT with power seats, I wish the seat would lift up just a little more considering I’m on the taller side. If there’s some sort of spacers, or something to get the seat higher off the floor
  5. Anyone catch a single photo with fog lights for the Tahoe or suburban? I didn’t even see the button inside to turn them on, which leaves me to believe they aren’t available.
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