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  1. Looks great! How do you like the side windows and rear lid? I hear they are super nice with the new design?
  2. Hey all , anyone have a TB with the ARE CX Revo on? Thanks ahead of time if you send pics !
  3. I have a new center arm rest for sale. This one has no storage but is brand new. $50 plus shipping it will be getting thrown in the trash next week I don’t want it in the garage and have no use for it.
  4. Hi all, I have a set of new in box husky liners that came from husky and they won’t fit my 2020 TB I believe there are for 19 Silverado. $90
  5. I’m just going to stick with the stock tires and rims for now . Once I find a decent leveling kit the I will think about new rims and tires.
  6. Hi guys just curious in who is running wheel spacers? Not sure if 2” is too much . Just want to get a little bit of the wheels to stick out but nothing crazy. I’m just going to keep the stick rims and tires on it for now .
  7. Direct from dealer so you know it’s legit and not a secondary part. Mine was 280$ from the dealership.
  8. Hey all, just picked up my new trail boss 2020 has about 900 miles and noticed that in park or with foot on brake in drive or neutral reverse, it feels like I have bad gas or idle to low possible studs wrong a bit and can feel it in the steering wheel and seat . I’ve ran two-three full tanks with premium gas and still no fix .Dealership claims that’s normal for the V-6? I don’t buy that one bit. Something has to be over tighten, loose or Mis aligned in my own opinion. I think I’m going to go to the dealer and have them bring up another TB with the 6 in it and compare. Has anyone else noticed this ?
  9. Hey all , I’ve been Researching a lot for my 2020 trail boss front leveling kit. Just thought I would throw it out there to see what people have chosen and the plus’s and minuses on it. I think I was going to go with the 2” but have seen a lot of people do the 1 3/4” . Pics would be nice as well but if not no biggy just was yes to pick some of your brains.
  10. Yes I did swap it out it was fairly easy . Just time consuming if your like me and didn’t want to break or scratch anything .
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