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  1. Just traded up 2015 silver 5.3/6 to a 6.2/10. The 2015 did have a sweet engine; a high rev-er and power with nearly zero engine vibration. Also enjoyed the 20" wheels which were amazing on on/off highway ramps lol. What was fussy was the 6 speed transmission vs. axle gear ratios; had to toggle thru the gears on the back roads or it would bogg down up-shifting to 5th/6th (below 40mph). i.e. the engine RPMs vs. shift points; maybe this could have been tweaked but if pegged it to the floor it would most likely skip 2 gear: jump 1st to 3rd. The 2015 did run/shift better when I first owned it but took it in for some silly recall, they flashed the computer memory, ugh. A 5.3/10 speed probably would be fine/fun if they can program in the multiple road conditions. The new 6.2 is better all around; tho not easy to find one, our local dealer had 500 Silverado's [no exaggeration] and only six (6) 6.2s of the lot. Only one sport model, a Z71 which we drove home. The shifting is the best so far - no toggling needed. Incredibly quiet engine, easy to forget it is running.
  2. Towdog, That is a positive, let us know what happens?
  3. Thanks for the tips! I went to the dealer and they really gave it a good look with a water-specialist. The report came back everything is normal. Could be that GM doesn't have a repair-kit at this time. Thinking something like a additional gasket strip that would attach to the cab, in-line with the door gasket would be an easy fix. Found it very odd that second gasket uses the inside door panel as part of the gutter system. FYI this is the new style cab with the shorter hood - which I think is a nice design (appearance wise).
  4. Decided to check one more time before going to DEALERrrrrr.. So hand washed and checked the door: The top gasket looked Ok/Dry but this water is coming in somewhere? [pic was taken right after the wash down]
  5. Just checked the door gaskets: there are two small tabs that are horizontal (inside the gasket) which appears to be the source of the blockage/overflow. The doors fit nicely, and sometimes need to close it twice to latch. Along with that, the cab is very quiet. [the rust color is only a refection] Rain on the east coast -- 70" since this time last year.
  6. Big Chevy Fans at this house; over the years plenty of Vanduras, K5s, Tahoes and Silverado's. Thought it was time to trade up a 2015 Silver to a 2019 6.2/10, which is simply amazing but having water rolling down the inside door issue(s). We picked this up about 3 weeks ago, right off the lot [less than 30 miles on OD]. The wife pointed out discoloring on the inside the door at first glance, but thought that would clean right off with cleaner and would just drive it home and wipe it down. Well it really didn't come off, and thought best to take it back, or mention it at the first oil change. Although last nigh noticed that rain water drips right in at the door seal (highlighted in the picture). Also realized both doors are leaking at the same spot. Going back to the dealer at 600 miles now, hopefully they have this issues sorted out by now.
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