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  1. I love the ride. Coming from a 2500HD it's like riding in a Cadillac. I only have 200 miles so I can't really speak extensively on it. It's definitely not a soft ride but it's not harsh like a 3/4 ton truck. I like the firmness of the ride but it doesn't jar you like I was used to in the 2500HD.
  2. nope. no leveling kit or anything. all i have added is the tires and CamLocker tool box
  3. Thanks. Not here to boast but just wanted to help others out. I couldn't find a whole lot of info/pics out there but what I did find on here helped in my decision. As far as width, I think a wider tire would look better, but I was afraid it would rub. I came from a 2016 2500HD (gas) that had 35x12.5r18 Firestone MTs (Gen 1) on stock rims and they would rub pretty bad at full lock. I had it leveled and CST UCAs on it. It would rub the UCAs and the sway bar at full lock pretty good. It had already wore the finish off both. It got kind of old. If you can live with it it's manageable but I just didn't want to deal with it on a brand new truck. I think you could fit a true 35" tire on the Trail boss stock. I definitely have plenty of room in the rear. The front may get a bit tight due to turning, but I think it is do-able. I honestly don't know if or how much wider you could go and not rub. To me, it wasn't worth the risk. I tried to take different angles to paint the best picture to let others decide. 35x12.5 is the max you're going to get without a full blown lift IMHO. But tires vary so much from different styles, manufacturers, tread patterns, etc. Whereas one tire might fit that doesn't have an aggressive sidewall, one that does have an aggressive sidewall may rub. It's more of a plug-n-play. All I can tell you for sure is this size & tire fits on a bone stock Trail Boss with no rub whatsoever. And bottom line you gotta make you happy.
  4. Appreciate it. It’s a low hum but nothing I can’t stand or annoying. Truck is well insulated.
  5. These are factory spec'd at 34.5" tall and I have plenty of room to clear them. They are probably more narrow that I would like but there is absolutely no rubbing or clearance issues. I do not have a leveling kit on it. It is bone stock except for the tires. Hope this helps because I was a bit nervous after I ordered them that they wouldn't fit. By the way, I got them from tirebuyer.com and I got an absolute deal on them. I recommend it. You would be hard-pressed to beat their prices.
  6. I'm getting 295/70r18 Toyo MTs put on in the morning on my stock 2019 Trail Boss. I'll let everyone know how the fitment goes.
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