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  1. To be honest, I've been asking myself the same question since I bought this POS.
  2. Go with an F150. They're the best selling truck for a reason. F*** GM and their issues, customer service and sub-par vehicles. I can't wait to get rid of my AT4. I'm going back to Ford, for sure.
  3. You might have heard there is a federal cooling-off rule for some purchases. There is such a rule, but it is primarily meant to protect consumers from high-pressure door-to-door sales tactics. It explicitly doesn't apply to automobiles. If you signed the sales contract, you own the car. And the law is on the side of the seller. For new cars, your legal rights can be summed up in the one sentence that's posted on the wall of many dealership sales offices: "There is no cooling-off period."
  4. that's not true. Once you drive off the lot, it's yours....
  5. a week after getting the truck back after the dealer "fixed the issue" it's back at the dealer AGAIN, for the EXACT same issue.... I traded in my F150 for this truck.....I just want my F150 back!!!!!!! I've already been in touch with an attorney, lets see how this goes...
  6. Hey guys. Picked up my 2019 Sierra AT4. I drove it off the lot, got about 3 miles. Stopped to get myself a cup of coffee. Got back into the truck, started it and the check engine light came on, the brake system failure, the abs light, traction control etc. Called the dealer and was told to bring it back. (Mind you, I've only actually owned the 63k truck for an hour) I bring the truck back, they take it in for about 20 mins and then the mechanic takes the car for a test drive. He's gonna about 15 minutes or so, comes back and says the truck is good. They fixed a recall recently but never "reset the computer" he says "you're good to go" I drive the 30 minutes home, pull up to the house, turn the truck off. Go inside to get my little ones because they want to go for a ride in daddy's new truck.. We go outside, I start the truck, and it's the same thing. I'm so beyond annoyed right now. Were supposed to go away for the weekend and dont feel at all comfortable driving this with my 3 little ones in the back, even if they say they've fixed it!! GOD FORBID IT HAPPENED ON THE HIGHWAY!! Has anyone had luck with a solution for this?!?! Should I demand a different truck?!?! (Not that they would give me a new truck, as the law is in their side)
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