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  1. I just had this second brake recall done today(had the first brake recall done in January). Wife was driving when all the warning lights came on and she lost most braking power. Thankfully she didn't panic and was able to slow it down and nursed it the short distance home. I got it and it had the following 'Service ABS'...'Service Trailer Brake'...'ESC disabled' and 'Speed limited to 100km/h' and the check engine light. Turned the truck off and back on and everything went away except the check engine light. Took the truck out and hammered the brakes on the snow covered road and the ABS worked perfectly, as did the Stabilitrak. On my way to the dealership I accelerated past the 100km/h without an issue. They had it for a couple hours and reprogrammed the brake module. I guess we will see what happens. Don't know if anyone has seen or read it the manual but it says you can press the parking brake button and hold it down and it will slow the truck down. I wonder if that will work even if the brake system module malfunctions again?
  2. Here my 2019 Sierra SLT X31 with the 6.2. Had the dealer install the factory 2" AT4 lift kit on it, as well as the Rough Country levelling kit for the AT4 suspension. Decided on the 275/65/20 BFG K02.
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