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  1. I really love this color. Be warned however, it shows light scratches/swirls similar to a black truck. I wouldn’t take it through a bunch of automatic car washes unless they were touch less .
  2. I had this issue. The thing that consistently worked for me was a deliberate pause after shifting it into gear. Mine only occurred first shift of the day so if yours does it more often it may or may not help. As others have said, the fluid change may be needed.
  3. I’d take that deal as long as the discount on theirs stays the same.
  4. I’m 5”11 and didn’t really “notice” the height of my at4. Fits me perfect.
  5. I think the problem is the unknown used market right now. New trucks may have great deals but dealers are not sure how easily they will be able to move used cars without auctions and the manufactures support such as rebates and zero percent financing. They always start low however, so might be worth it to wait them out? Seems like 30-31 trade with 13k ish (with rebates) off or 6k off with 0 for 84 would be a pretty solid goal on the new one. They can show you 32 for your trade and move the 13k off to 11 to make you feel better though so watch out for that. Also, if they are at 32900 on the other one your comparing it to, they are in it around 30. The goal is 2500 based off of the deal they made for it and it allows for negotiation. With that being the case, you may need to be willing give (take 30ish) a little on yours. Best of luck!
  6. I think this is a question for me? I really thought that the new gen 8 speeds were improved. I had an early build so that may have had something to do with it. It seems that some folks with the new fluid have not had any issues. Having had both transmissions though, the ten is a substantial upgrade.
  7. I couldn’t compare it to a Denali, but compared to the SLT, I like the ride better.
  8. I would add to the OP, the whole point of this thread was you asking if it was feasible. I hope you have seen that the answer is yes. It just depends on you and YOUR specific situation despite what other “experts” who know better than you think. You just have to shop hard, be willing to walk away and find the right deal. The good news is that it’s the perfect time to be shopping if your income is stable.
  9. You asked for proof and I gave it to you. I also provided an explanation. Sometimes people buy vehicles right at the beginning where they don’t take a hit because they are educated. You my friend seem to have an issue with that.
  10. Not hiding anything. I just wanted to make sure you saw the 40k for trade well enough since you don’t believe it. Look, My father in law is a GM at a large ford dealer. Obviously I didn’t buy it from there but I have a lot of experiences with deals and how the industry works these days. Your claims of a dealer having to sell it for 45000 are not accurate anymore. They make money in doc fees and moving a “unit” in which GM gives them a credit for. It’s all about moving your lot and monthly timing. They listed my trade at 42900. If they sell it for 41000 plus what GM gives them that’s a 2k day for the dealer. Simple math. You will get no more of that sticker because it has my info on it. Good luck moving forward.
  11. My 10 speed has been great. Hopefully they figure yours out soon.
  12. Trade value range in my area was 39-40750. Thats KBB excellent. 40 was not that big of a stretch. Also the above does not include rebates. That’s just dealer discount.
  13. I had my 2019 for about 10 months. sticker was 54500 and it was bought at 41900. I got 40k (ACV) for trade and still 13k off the new one. It was a GMC SLT with 14800 miles. I’m not sure about your specific truck but if it’s something that really bothers you, it can be done. It worked out for me. You may need to be willing to travel and search online for hours to find the right deal though.
  14. The rebates right now are as good as they are going to be. Especially with the AT4/Trail Bosses. My region has the 6500 rebate plus 1000 auto show cash. If you combine that with a dealer discount, you should be in great shape. The zero for 84 DOES NOT STACK. They can dealer discount plus maybe a 500 dollar one that may be obscure and floating around but none of that 7500 will be on the table. 14k off with rebates or 7000 off with zero percent would be a great deal. (Source is a current FI manager so I would think he knows what he's talking about) If anyone is on the fence about one, the above should be your goal right now. Its a great time for the consumer if you have stable income.
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