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  1. I have a related issue. Mine is only on the first shift of the day. It seems there is a delay from 1st to second after I back it out of the garage for the first time. It’s fine after that. Of course, dealer cannot duplicate. It happens 90% of the time. Mine is a Jan 2019 build. It started around 8000 miles. I also had a gm buyback from a 2016 with a bad 8 speed so also a little gun shy.
  2. Several things. Windshield leaks, entire radio cluster replaced, bad fuel pump from factory, new radio quit adjusting volume, ANC system pumped noise INTO the cab, steering wheel loose, rear back up system would lock up in rain, A/C issues, engine lights,.....etc. I honestly feel like the 5.3 is a little quicker. The Ram made lots of drama to get up to speed and sounded cool but the 5.3 does a great job. I dont ever say "man I still wish I had that HEMI". I also had the F150 Platinum 3.5 Eco Boost in a long term loaner for my work vehicle. Of all of the engine/trans combos, I thought that one was the best. I could not get over the F150 having visible tooling marks on some of the interior pieces (at least in my loaner). They have their issues as well. Coming from the Ram, you will notice that the seats are more firm in the GMC. At first, I thought it was uncomfortable. But, after a couple of trips, I have found that they are more supportive and I actually like them better. The leather is a higher quality in the GMC also. Overall, I dont think you would regret the GMC. I certainly dont.
  3. I have a 2019 SLT. Made in Mexico with a build date of Jan 2019. Not one issue. I also came from a 2019 Ram with a TON of issues. 5K on this GMC and have been nothing but happy. I also liked the Rams interior but this GM is laid out well and now that I’m used to it, it feels familiar if that makes any sense.
  4. It did not have the 12” screen. It’s was the 8.4, no NAV. Obviously both GM and Ram will have their gremlins. At this point, choose that one that suits you best. There are a little more “issues” being discussed on the Ram forums than I’ve seen here so I think you have to consider that as well. Definitely a later build 19 or a 2020 would make me feel a little better.
  5. Im new to the forums but have been lurking for a few months. Im uniquely qualified to shed some light on the OP's post. I have always been a GM guy (generational), but my last couple of trucks have been RAMs. I had a 2017 RAM that was a great truck and traded it for one of the 2019 newly redesigned models. My 2019 had issues starting at 200 miles. Fuel pump had to be replaced, entire dash of electronics replaced, ANC issues, computer issues, wind whistle in windshield, clicking steering wheel, rear brake whine in reverse, ETC. I think RAM did a great job in the redesign. When it worked, I think it was the best truck on the road. Trans is smooth, hemi is great, interior is quiet, fit and finish perfect, tech (when it works) was great. I traded that truck for a 2019 Sierra and have not regretted it. I will say however that the RAM rode better going slow, I would call it a wash cruising on the highway, they both do very well. IF you decide to take the leap, please ensure it is a later build. It seems the issues are most apparent in the RAM' s manufactured in 2018. Mine was a 2019 model built in May 2018. If you keep your vehicles for a long time, go with the GM. I dont trust the new RAM's yet.
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