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  1. I had a guy detail the inside of my 2019 Silverado 1500 and he put a slight scuff on the passenger's side of the dashboard, which he denied of course. I tried for over an hour to rub it out just using my thumb and actually got most of it out. However, when the sun hits it just right I can still slightly see the scuff. It's a line about 5 inches long and it's going to drive me crazy if I can't make it disappear. Any suggestions?
  2. My leak was "repaired" about 4 weeks ago on my 2019 Silverado 1500 at 5k miles. It's been raining a lot here in Memphis recently and so far no more leaks, but it sucks that I have to check my back seat every time it rains just to be sure. The sealant looks pretty good along the seam, but they put some scratches in the plastic panels beside the rear seat. The dealership also completed the 4 recalls at the same time as the leak, and now my seat belt holders in the pillars rattle. Highest in initial quality awards...give me a break!!
  3. I just picked up my truck from the Dealer today after they "fixed" the leaking window (not replaced, just put sealant under the spoiler). They also fixed the 4 recalls now listed for the 2019 Silverado. I am going to wait a couple of days before I take it through a car wash to ensure the sealant has plenty of time to cure. I am not very confident the "fix" will work, but I'm hopeful. I will give periodic updates. Thanks to everyone on this board for providing insight on this issue as it proved valuable in my discussions with my dealer.
  4. I dropped off my 2019 SILVERADO LT at the dealer today to repair the rear window leak. When my service tech entered my truck information into his computer he laughed and said "Looks like I'm going to have your truck for a long time." He said that there are 4 recalls on my truck and he needs to fix them all. One is for the seat belt pretensioner, one is for brakes, I forget the third one, but the fourth one, which is new (Dec 19), is rust on the rear bumper. WTF?? Brand new trucks already experiencing rust on the rear bumper? I'm speechless. And I just thought I had to worry about a water leak...silly me! I will provide an update once I'm told my water leak is repaired. Fingers crossed their repair works.
  5. UPDATE: I stated earlier that I had a small leak so I put a small towel on the back of the seat to keep the drips from reaching the floor. Raining pretty hard here in Memphis so I went to check on the towel and it is soaked!! I guess I will be keeping extra towels in my truck as my appointment with the dealer is a week away. What a disappointment. Also, someone asked about my previous post what I meant by a "collapsed dash" on my previous "new" Silverado (less then 3k miles). I was driving down the road and the dashboard on the passenger side fell. Literally just fell. The glove box was pointing towards the floor. The dealer kept the truck for 30 days but couldn't fix it. Therefore, they bought it back and sold me this leaking version that I have now. I'm ready to sell at a loss just to get out of a Chevrolet. I miss my Avalanche I had in the early 2000's. Never an issue with it.
  6. Add me to the group as I have a leak in my rear window (2019 Silverado)on the driver's side as well. Not a big leak, but a leak nonetheless. Very frustrating. I called the dealer but still waiting for a call back. This is my THIRD new Chevy truck in the past 12 months as my other 2 were bought back by the dealer due to transmission issues (2018 Colorado) and a collapsed dashboard (2018 Silverado). I guess bad luck really does happen in threes!
  7. I own a new 2018 Silverado (5k miles) 4wd LT All Star edition. Very happy with the truck. However, just today, I noticed that the dashboard on the passenger side fell about 1/2 inch. There is now a gap between the dashboard and the base of the pillar with the handle on it. And now when I drive over bumps, there is a slight thumping noise coming from that area. Has anybody else experienced anything like this? I took it to my dealership today and they are going to take the dashboard out to determine what caused it to fall. I'm worried that the truck will never be right after such a major evolution. Should I be worried?
  8. Thanks for the welcome. I bought a new 2018 Silverado Z71 crew cab with 4WD, V8, LT model (black). I've added leather seats, window visors, a trifold tonneau cover, spray-in bed liner, nerf bar steps, AFM disabler, and tinted windows. It's an awesome looking truck! I just wish it would downshift smoother when coming to a stop as it tends to clunk in the lower gears. Does anybody else experience this and if so, what is the fix, if any.
  9. I installed the AFM disabler about 4 weeks ago and love it. My truck runs smoothly with more power and my mpg only dropped about 1/2 mpg. The only minor issue that I've noticed is the truck it now tends to downshift a little rough if I have to come to a stop quickly. If I come to a smooth stop, it seems to shift smoothly, but the harder the stop, the harder the downshift. Is that normal?
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