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  1. My iPhone connects as soon as I turn on the key after I enter the vehicle, instantly, automatically, without any delay. Calls are made as soon as soon as I speak or hit the phone icon on the screen. Your delay maybe from Siri or whatever your phone uses to figure out what you want, or to search through your address book and find the number. The delay maybe in your phone and not in the Colorado's system itself. I don't have GPS in my truck, I use the iPhone app connected via the USB plug for that and it shows up on the screen while I listen to the radio, and when necessary, the phone gives me directions. It works very well.
  2. New to this whole pickup truck thing - but I just discovered the hitch extender. Does anyone on here use one of those? Do you have a problem with the Harbor Freight one scraping on the ground if backing up on a hill or incline? Others are angled up to avoid this but are they necessary?
  3. How do you guys carry one or two 12' kayaks in a CC Colorado with a short (5') bed ? Even with the tailgate down it will stick out 6' beyond the truck. Is there some good way to tie it down or do you use a roof rack? And if you do, do you have any recommendations that don't cost $400+?
  4. Just click it twice, all doors then open without resetting anything.
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