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  1. Checked power and am getting about 13.5 volts from the switches plug to the bcm plugs,
  2. Checked for continuity and no broken wires, would this be a programming issue possibly?
  3. I’ve held it for 5-10 seconds at a time and not a thing. No click from the relay no lights on the dash or from the lightbar. Will have to go find a meter and check this out thank you.
  4. My switch turns every other function on like the foglights and marker lights and shuts them off, was it just a broken yellow wire from the harness?
  5. I hit a problem with my 2019 Silverado 2500. I had my lightbar installed and running prior to soldering in Pgamboas harness. I plugged in his harness to the appropriate plugs, changed the OEM light switch, soldered it to the trigger wire, I even used the same ground and power locations, bolted the relay to the same spot too. But unfortunately the light bar doesn’t turn on with the factory switch. Do I have to get the ECM flashed or is it just not possible on my truck? JST and Delphi plugs just like in tinkeringfoxs video. Everything seems very straightforward and i’m 99% positive i’m in the correct pin locations, orientated correctly and pushed in far enough. I bought and replaced the relay that didn’t change anything, fuse is good going to the light bar and my ground location is good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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