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  1. This is kind of spooky...I had put those exact ones in my "cart" about a week ago to give them a try. Just gave me a reason to order a pair...;)
  2. I've been meaning to (when I get some free time..yea right) play with removing one of the "fog light caps" and try to design a 3d printed recessed base that would hold one of those lights or similar. Will post when/if I get something made up. In regards to off use only, I usually relay them off of the high beams anyways, so normally they'd be off.
  3. "But that's less than $10/month for the next 60 months" I agree, it does look nice though.
  4. Haven't seen one that fits in the switch row like you circled. If GM has one available, I haven't seen one yet. Would be nice to have one though...
  5. I've had thoughts of trying to design a mount just about like those to 3d print. Temp might be an issue though. Was thinking I'd wire up a relay off of the high beams so I wouldn't have to worry about adding an extra switch...
  6. Just a note...I was under my truck the other day and see that all but one section of my HVAC tape has came off. I imagine if I would have wrapped all the way around the pipe, it wouldn't have came off as easily.
  7. I think this thread might have some info that might be handy.
  8. There are a few, newer engines that have 30psi max for less drag, and supposedly with the thin oil, 30psi is enough. (from what I read.)
  9. Personally, I've found good dash speakers can make a dramatic, easy improvement to sound quality...usually easy. I'm holding off for now until I get some other projects out of the way...it looks like a P.I.A.
  10. I'm in the same boat Hydro. Would be nice to be able to turn off the TPMS, or find aftermarket sensors that aren't as much as the tire. Unless I can find a set of reasonably priced takeoff wheels on Craigslist w/ sensors for the 2019/20's, I might have to use my $5 tire gauge and live with the added dash lights for a couple months.
  11. I was thinking a way for a video input would be cool for a front camera in the grill for parking...
  12. I tucked in the usb cable from my dashcam into the headliner, then down the passenger pillar, then into the fuse panel on the passenger side. Picked up a 12v to 2 usb converter and one of those piggyback fuse thingies. Someone here noted the 7.5a fuse for the heated steering wheel is a good location to tap into. Has worked perfectly. Used double sided 3M tape to mount the transformer box to the inside of the dash, and used a bolt that is down by the footwell for the ground.
  13. As in MPG calculation? I've figured it out @ the pump/trip meter only twice so far and the first calculation was a fuzz worst than the onboard computer reading, and this last one was about .25mpg better. Great MPG for long, non stop 60-70mph cruising, but this last tank is going down @ around 18mpg with a lot of stop & go driving, and have to admit I haven't been too easy on it...
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