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  1. I'm fighting with the manufacturer to send me new "EV" letters that are not made correctly. (The "EV" is one piece) You can only get screws on the "E", and the "V" side sticks out. One trip through a car wash, or a Junebug and I'll be driving a "CH ROLET". P.O.S. Stay away...
  2. I forget mine's up behind the mirror...until someone asks "what's that notification sound" when I start the truck up.
  3. Ya, each one is screwed on from the rear and do have some wiggle room for adjustment which I didn't spend much time aligning them before securing. I do have to admit the grills are pretty cheaply made.
  4. Used a "piggyback" fuse insert into #42 "PRK lamp rt" in the underhood fusebox for the +. No codes.
  5. I made a bracket that bolts up to the trailer hitch & wired them into the reverse lights.   Have a couple diodes to wire up to the switched bed light also when the weather gets nice enough.
  6. For what it's worth, I installed the Flowfx catback on my 5.3 yesterday. The pic shows the muffler construction, (Flowmaster #72288 muffler) and here's a crappy, quick interior video of it.  First part is just a tame acceleration, then about 30 seconds in is about a roll into about a 75% acceleration. Haven't had time to take any exterior videos. (I take online video quality with a grain of salt though)
  7. Like we said at the r/c airplane field...gravity sucks. Was connecting ground for the grille running lights when I fumbled the ratchet. Used a "piggyback" fuse insert into #42 "PRK lamp rt" in the underhood fusebox for the +. No codes.
  8. Learned to not drop a 1/4" drive w/ 10mm socket into the engine compartment when removing the nut on the negative battery terminal... Got it out though.
  9. When I picked mine up last summer, my son (who has been driving a couple years) got in and pointed to the column shifter and asked: "What's that?" Being a manual transmission fan...(dying breed), I don't necessarily prefer the column shift, but it's a truck. I'll probably never have the need to have 3 people in the front, but many do. The shifters today in more and more vehicles are just an electrical switch, so the engineers could be a little more creative and cost effective in their design of a "shifter" than the current column shifter though. The rotary dial on the dash of the Ram seemed a little awkward when I took one for a test drive, but I thought "why not".
  10. (Continuation of original thread regarding aftermarket grills.  For some unknown reason it was moved to "For sale" section.) Got it installed this afternoon. I didn't get a chance to get the marker lights hardwired yet (just had a 9v battery hooked up for the pics). There were a couple issues with it, but could have been worse. A couple of the sockets the screw goes into on the back of the "Chevrolet" letters were either broken off at the factory, (letters were in sealed bag and no broken pieces in the bag) or are designed too short for the supplied screws to reach. And I see no way there would be room for the fog light option would work. Will follow up with more pics of the issues. I was thinking of either wrapping the bumper black, or plasti-dipping, but now that the grill is on, I think I will leave it as is for now.
  11. I uploaded a slideshow of some stills to Y.T.. I'm not suggesting anyone buy or not buy one of these, but overall I can't see any issues other than the plastic is painted and there are a couple pieces of dust that were painted over, but unless you were really looking for it you wouldn't see it. The letters are made of a white plastic then painted (Chrome was also available), and there are a couple letters that could be cleaned up a little bit on the back with some sandpaper before installing, but not bad at all. The stock plastic and metal clips would have to be reused, and I've done enough stereo installs and trailer wiring here in Mi to know it's not a good idea to be yanking on plastic in the cold weather, and it may be a while before I have an afternoon available that I can start on installing it. Will post results when I do.
  12. This thread was moved from the 19-20 "mods" section to the "for sale/wanted" section.(?) I originally posted it for an informative intent, not "for sale". Could a moderator move this posting back to the "mod" section please? T.Y.
  13. Here's a couple cell phone pics. Will get better ones tomorrow.
  14. I will get some pics up tomorrow, but I did order one of these w/o the driving lights. With the snow & lack of time, I don't have it installed yet, but it doesn't look too bad. The driving/fog light area has a "knockout" from the back you can cut out if you want to install them some day. I see the ones on Fleabay are in CA, but the supplier I got this one from is in NJ., but I'm 99.99% sure it's the same one.
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