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  1. Yep, had one in mine too. I think I need another though for the Def fluid??
  2. Ah, I got it. You believe I made this up? Strange, why would someone do something like that, there isn't anything to gain from telling a story about something that occurred. I try to be respectful and courteous to everyone I engage with because I would expect the same in return. But your comment seems pretty straight forward that you seem to believe I am making up a story to what...impress you or the other trolls? Negative, not my style and certainly not needed and if you that is indeed what you believe, you must be an inherently untrustworthy and angry individual with a very sad life. No, Karnut, I didn't make anything up, Jason at the dealership is a stand up guy who did all he could to make it right. Maybe you aren't used to interacting with people like that, maybe you are a angry little man who sits behind a keyboard and trolls people all day because you aren't happy with your life. Regardless, I do not and am not asking for you opinion and certainly not your validation as your display of disrespect deems you not worthy of my concern. I can only offer a piece of advise...try to enjoy your life and let others do the same. In the meantime, I will value the input from others such as BIGDOGX, diyer2, greco2003, Bob2C and the others who have provided worthy and constructive comments/recommendations. Good Luck to you sir and your friend ilSilverado, may you gain minutes of entertainment from your useless and weak trolling efforts. To the rest in the forum, I again appreciate and value your input, you are the reason why forums such as this are so valuable.
  3. Thank you sir, I've been reviewing the diesel forums now to get up to speed on the requirements and what is happening there. I will stay with this group as well since the truck is the same with exception of engine. Not sure what their deal is but that seems to be the way of social media now, every now and then someone has to troll.
  4. I'm not sure what you are saying here. Questioning the dealer or me? Not really tracking on what ILSilverado and Karnut are communicating but regardless, again, I appreciate the constructive comments/suggestions and moving on.
  5. Thanks BigDog, I wasn't tracking either but choose to just move on.
  6. Ok, think final update on this but wanted to close the loop. I took the 2020 Silverado High Country Diesel. End result, I was able to get in the truck for exactly what I owed on my 19, no out of pocket costs and actually received 1800 back in cash. Also secured a full bumper to bumper warranty for 7 years covering everything and I mean everything. Also got credit for next 2 oil changes and the trailer camera (lets you see through the trailer). Been driving the diesel for a few days now and there was a learning curve but overall, the MPG is outstanding. I appreciate everyone's input and recommendations while I was navigating this process.
  7. Got another update for those that are following. Met with the General Manager today and have to say based on our conversation, he seems to be a stand up guy. Explained what occurred and what my concerns are and his response...looks like we need to put you in a new truck. I have a long bed High Country and those are pretty scarce but he did have one, only difference is that it is diesel. I drove it and it rides nice, he is working paperwork and we will see if he closes the deal. I told him that i have an extended warranty and that I want to be made whole on this. He agreed. Will let you guys know what he comes back with. Never drove a diesel (other than in the army) so that will be something I will have to explore.
  8. Got contacted by the shop today, they are saying now that the camshaft positioner sensor is running a code but they dont' know why. They believe it may have occurred when the tech who replaced the starter did so incorrectly and blew the module. Want to do more investigation prior though as the module is "very expensive". I explained that I am not comfortable that the truck is reliable any longer and will be seeking a replacement truck. Tech offered me the service manager name and I indicated he would not be in a position to make me hole and that I will need to speak with the leadership of Ted Britt. I will be pushing to have the truck replaced and will begin researching potential lawyers to address as well. If there are any recommendations of potential lawyers in the Ashburn VA area, they would be welcome.
  9. I appreciate the comments everyone, that is why I like this forum so much. I contacted GM, (what a fiasco that was) but explained what is going on. I also have a letter drafted with the invoice and a case number has been assigned. GM said a senior resolution rep will be contacting me in 3 days. Whenever I get the call back from the dealer, I plan on having a conversation with the dealership owner as well. Will keep you guys posted as this develops and again, truly appreciate the comments/advice and suggestions.
  10. And the saga continues. Got truck yesterday and was fine. Got in this morning, drove to gas station and turned off truck at pump, get out and close the door--truck beeps twice and message is remote left in vehicle. Problem is the remote is in my pocket. Fill the truck up, go to get in vehicle and start truck up, truck running but message says, press brake to start truck. Strange but truck is running so put the transmission in drive-truck doesn't move, transmission doesn't engage. Turn truck off and restart, now its running and when i put it in drive, it moves. Get to driveway and truck has autostop engaged so engine shuts off. Guess what? Same as before, remote in vehicle and press brake to start. Truck is running but wont go anywhere. I turn it off and turn it back on and I'm driving. Get on road and turn off auto stop. Stopped at light, i turn auto stop back on and the truck shuts off, guess what, same messages, "Put foot on brake to start". I turn off truck and restart but now it is jerking. I manage to get it to the dealer. They have the truck now. On a side note, also told them about the break wear indicator stating 14% on front and 16% on back. Concerned about carfax comments and further continued issues. I know most are saying "Demand a new truck" but the real world doesn't work that way. I am contacting GM again but looking for realistic solutions or courses of action. Someone mentioned a lawyer, wouldn't even know how to start that process.
  11. Thank you sir! I plan on keeping the truck for at least 7 years so not really concerned about resale but will check that out anyway and yes absolutely on oil changes. Another guy mentioned Pohanka so will check them out.
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