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  1. Hello, You can speak to WAMS they are willing to help with this. (White Auto and Media)
  2. The upgrades simply cannot be done on the custom trim. The harnesses and modules are not there for the steering wheel control. Upgrade to an LT/RST or higher Trim is all that can be done for now,
  3. Ok so I traded the 19 Custom Trail Boss for a 19 Ram Big Horn Quad Cab, All the goodies so problem solved with the steering wheel controls. Honestly after 3 months with the Ram the Chevy was better in fit and finish and rattles, Power train for the Chevy is smoother as well. Ram is nice though. So was poking around the Chevy dealer and stumbled over a left over 19 Silverado LT Trail Boss Crew Cab Most options w/leather, couldn't pass up the deal so now I have the truck I really wanted. I did look at the Ram Rebel but no deals even on the 19's. So the only thing to add is the Auto-Dim mirror as I did in my Custom TB.
  4. Unfortunately I decided not purchase an LT cluster, the cost to program and the cost of the cluster was too much for my budget. Additionally, how do you scroll through the DIC menu without a Knob on the cluster and without steering wheel controls? Again there are too many challenges to over come to try to make the LT/RST trim out of a Custom. I'm seriously thinking to upgrade to the RST trim and get everything I want, except the Trail Boss, I just cannot afford the LT Trail Boss. Honestly, the Ram has the Chevy beat on price and content and I'm considering that as well.
  5. Hello, I have researched this a little and here is what I found. I did e-mail WAMS and they are willing to try to do an upgrade to a higher level cluster, but after checking their website they say the wiring just does not exist for the custom trim levels and I agree with that statement. I have a TB Custom by the way. I found the connectors are different for the custom trim compared to the LT trim for the dash harness. So, I believe to make the steering wheel controls and heated steering wheel work you will need to change the main dash harness, upgrade the radio module to IOS/IOT from the current IOR module on the custom trim, add the heated steering wheel module, change the wring in the steering column and the clockspring, Swap the cluster with a programmed one from WAMS(it will read auto stop start) Change the center stack buttons (above the HVAC controls) for the radio. I do believe it is possible to get the radio buttons to work on a upgraded steering wheel however you will need to upgrade the radio module to IOS/IOT from IOR and run some wires up the column to the clockspring. I'm sure I'm missing something but with all this it just does not make sense, upgrade the truck to RST/LT would be better. Additionally, warranty, and splicing into CAN-BUS to get this to work could be issues down the road.
  6. Just checked my 2019 Trail Boss Custom and the harness for the Auto-Dim Mirror is there as previously stated in this thread. I do have the optional infotainment package so that may make a difference if the harness is there or not. The screws are T-15 Torx and not Phillips that hold the overhead console to the headliner/roof. I will be ordering the new mirror today. Link is provided in this thread as I did not see any on E-bay. Thanks to All
  7. I sent them (WAMS) a couple emails on the Denali upgrade, they are willing to try it on the lower trim levels, however if you read about the cluster upgrade on their website the correct wiring and proper RPO radio module are not installed in the custom trim(need IOS or IOT, I have IOR). The bottom line for me is cost, I usually trade every year and would never get anymore money for a custom trim. Like I always tell my kids: "If you want Palm Beach, go to Palm Beach". I really like the truck and just could not justify 10K more for the LT Trail Boss, so I upgraded the headlights to LED and the center console per the threads on this forum. I will just have to press the touch screen to adjust the radio stations and for 10K I can live with that.
  8. Hi All, Sorry for the delay, after a lot of research I discovered the UK3 steering wheel controls will not work on a custom trim level. The biggest reason is the communication wiring(CAN-BUS) lines are not installed in the custom trim level. Additionally, if you did run the wiring, you would need to upgrade the radio to IOS or IOT, the clockspring, the steering wheel, and an LT or RST cluster at minimum, in all It would be cheaper to trade for an upgraded trim level not to mention the warranty issues that can arise. If someone has other ideas feel free to respond.
  9. I will post the part number when the steering wheel comes in. There were 2 different part numbers available for the VIN I used, so I ordered the more expensive option. Should be in next week.
  10. Hi All, Other than the console lid, the only other item missing on the custom trim level is the radio control on the steering wheel. What I did was find a 19 RST trim level with the vinyl steering wheel and the radio controls on the dealer lot and ordered that complete steering wheel borrowing the VIN ($165.00) What I'm not sure of: Is the correct wiring in the column? is the clockspring the same as the RST? and will I need to have the dealer update the BCM with the sales code for the radio controls. This is a trial and error on my part and I will let everyone know how it turns out. I did not order a leather wrapped wheel due to all other trim levels had the heated option and I didn't think the wiring would be in the column for that. Additionally, I do know the clusters are different on the RST and the Custom and the steering wheel does have the ability to scroll through the DIC menu on the RST and above trim levels so we will see what happens. If anyone has tried this let us know here. Thanks in advance for the help.
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