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  1. Well I didn’t mean to post the picture as negativity, I just Wanted make it aware that this is a big deal. however what I’m doing isn’t necessary to replace just actuators I decided To tear it down with hope to find potential mechanical issues with the doors or linkages, so far the only thing I’ve found that I feel Is a potential lead is the plug itself on the actuator I dont Feel like the pins are snug inside the connectors causing possible feedback interference from a poor connection, I will start reassembling it tomorrow.
  2. So I’m new to this site I have Used it for years for various information to random issues however I have encountered a issue I cant Seem to get resolved, I have A 2015 Silverado 2500hd w/ the duramax since I bought The truck I have Had mode door actuator issues it gets stuck in defrost quite frequently abt ever 10 months from having it “repaired” I bought It new it’s been in 4 times for warranty for the same issue the actuator has been changed 3 times and the mode actuator module once and now 6 months later I’m having the same issues. I have Decided to go into it myself being I’ve worked on several vehicles over the years top to bottom I’m not a master technician in he automotive department but I’m very familiar with everything. My main concern is has anyone else had this issues I dont Want to keep replacing actuators once a year it’s a pain to get to i currently have he entire dash out so I could Check the mode doors they seem to move freely without binding by me turning them through the cycles by hand without the actuator, could I just Be that unlucky with these actuators? Any help would be appreciated I appologize If I’ve overstepped an old post with a new one but I’ve had no luck finding much of anything on this issue with these model trucks
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