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  1. Having a hard time running down the culprit of my p1860 code. Got a 97 Chevy S10 ss 4.3l with ruffly 143,000 miles. Bought they truck was stuck in second. No Third or fourth. Had reverse and first if you manually down shift. If you start out in drive it's actually first till you manually downshift into second then it shifts. Try shifting into third or fourth get free wheel. I never have check engine light, think bulb is bad. Abs light is on. No top center brake light/cargo... Dumb ass lazy person before me attempted to put in remote start... The mess under the dash was ridiculous!! For three weeks it wouldn't start. Got it going. Bad connection on the coil connector. After buying a new coil, ignition module, crankshaft sensor, ignition switch, 3-2 shift module, doing a change of the fluids twice and also flush and new tranny filter... Think that's all. Had coffee for misfire on cylinder 6 but pretty sure I just found the melted spark plug wire... There wasn't shavings real bad in pan.. Fluids level is good along with fuses.... I'm stumped...
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