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  1. I have a 2019 2500HD and personally like the LED headlights on my 2018 1500 much better, with respect to the color temperature. The 1500 has a single headlight and the 2500 has dual. Not knowing the internal and electrical headlight design: Can a person buy LED bulbs for the 2500HD; no knock off's, ones that work/fit correctly? What is the factory LED temperature on the 2018 1500 truck?
  2. Eddie, I am experiencing the same problem (Salt Damage) on my new 2500HD truck, purchased in July. What's your current status? Are you still fighting with GM?
  3. I am experiencing the exact same thing (salt corrosion) with a 2019 2500HD brought 2 weeks ago, with 26 miles on the truck, upon me taking ownership. Dealer could not get anywhere with GM. I've opened up a case file with GM directly and going to have a long discussion. I cannot believe what I am experiencing right now. You would never think people would experience this on a new vehicle.
  4. Thank you guys for your thoughts. Trying to work through the dealer and GM now.
  5. I purchased a brand new 2019 2500HD LTZ Iridescent Pearl, 2 weeks ago here in Oklahoma. The truck had 26 miles on the odometer. 3 days after I brought it home, I gave it its first washing. I was so proud of this brand new truck until I ran into rust, on the lower part of the doors. I thought to myself I just purchased a brand new truck for $60,000, why in the world am I seeing rust. I immediately crawled under the truck to find multiple components that have significant/moderate red rust showing. The trans pan and rear disc brake covers are losing their plating with rust coming through. I immediately contacted the salesman asking to bring the truck back and trade for a different one, but......I was told financing already went through and they could not take it back. That was 3 days of ownership. It's been very painful and disappointing to this point, but I did get the truck into the Service Manager and he took pics and trying to see what GM is willing to do. I just came back to Chevrolet after years of Purchasing Ford products. I even have my 1949 5 Window that I drove in college. Has anybody seen this before on brand new GM trucks? See Pics
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