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  1. Ok, this question is on a 2016 GMC Yukon Denali. I have recently purchased the truck and had no issues at first. It only has 43,000 miles, but all of a sudden with the windows down I noticed a semi constant squeal emitting from the passenger front wheel. I just had the Yukon in for service where they replaced both upper control arms and one lower ball joint. Immediately after picking the vehicle up from the dealer is when I noticed the noise. At first I thought it was a rock in the breaks, but I took it to another shop and they pulled the wheels and said the breaks were almost brand new. The noise dims if not goes away during left turns, but going right seems to make it worse. It is not heard under hard acceleration, but I think that may be due to engine noise. Braking doesn’t really help the noise either. It’s a chirp that is speed dependent. I only hear the sound with the windows down. Any idea what it could be? The sound is kind of embarrassing, and I’m dying to get it fixed, but would like an idea before another dealer trip. Thanks in advance!
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