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  1. There should be a big enough gap between the two that it doesn't matter. Was told this is a known issue, the spoilers either leak or pop. Mine was mashed up so tight it had no where to go when it expanded. Replacing the spoiler should fix it...we'll see.
  2. Well I bit the bullet and let the dealer take a look. The spoiler was jammed up against the roof bc of a factory defect, it should have had a 1/4"-1/2" gap. They gave me a loaner and i can clearly see the difference between it and mine. They're calling GM to report it and figure out a fix. Just hope it comes back in the like new condition it was and without damage or leaks. I'll share what I learn when I get it back.
  3. Has anyone found any new solutions? 6500 miles on mine and its only getting worse.
  4. It's definitely coming from the roof/spoiler. Others have recreated the noise. Question is what exactly is the cause and how to get Chevy to figure out a solution.
  5. Trail Boss LT with 1300 miles and have the roof popping. It's been there since day 1 and drives me crazy. Really hope they step up and find a solution for this.
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