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  1. Anybody have a link to one of these where I can buy one?
  2. I just picked up a 19 RST AllStar crewcab about a month ago. I also had the dumb mirror but I couldn’t believe it didn’t even have a flipping homelink button. Who drives a 2019 these days with a garage door remote hanging on their visor! Ridiculous. So I did like I did for my motorcycles and kids power wheels and just bought a Homelink remote off eBay. Looks like the ones you usually see on visors, only run about $20. I mounted it just behind the ceiling console on the angled part of the headliner. I tested the wiring in that plug inside the ceiling and checked for power and just tapped into it. Oh and just FYI, I don’t know what that plug is for either, but the one I tapped into don’t remember which of the 2 big ones, has constant power. So maybe that will give a clue to what it might be for. I had the courtesy lights (door open light button) turned off so it must be something else that gets power either all the time or at least when the doors open
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