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  1. Im running the 1.75 level from ready lift with 285/75r18 on stock wheels with no rub
  2. Yup. I like it alot. Did it myself but a second set of hands would have been nice
  3. What about the tire size they recommend? Ive seen this, what they recommend is with using a aftermarket wheel with 0 offset. Stock wheels are 24mm offset.
  4. Just ordered my airdesign scoop today. Pics next week after delivery and install
  5. I put on the leveling kit. There were no blocks for the rear. That might be a lift kit your talking about. The eveling kit cimes with new upper arms and upper and lower spacers
  6. I havent taken a picture of the whole truck. I was planning on doing it after the new tires. I measure 41" from ground to top of wheel well on all four.
  7. What was your offset? Mine is 24mm on the stock wheels witch puts the wheel in more towards the frame
  8. I went and tried a nitto 295/70r18 on stock wheels. It cleared but there was very little room between the cup and the tire. I ordered 285/75r18 wildpeaks.
  9. Tires are stock 275/65r18 and im measuring 41" on all four wheel wells. Ill try to get a pic tomorrow.
  10. I had the kit installed today and everything looks good. Not much room between the upper arm cup and tire. Going to see what tires will fit tomorrow.
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