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  1. I can contribute here...I have a 2016 Tundra CrewMax 4x4 with the 5.7 as my company truck. During the summer months I pull a Kawasaki Mule FXT all over the hills and mountains of East Tn. The rest of the year I don't tow. The ride is fair and the towing is sufficient, but not fantastic. I have the split bench model with the fold down armrest. It's only semi comfortable at best. Mileage is TERRIBLE both towing and not. I average about 13mpg not towing and 9-10 towing. Power is pretty good, but doesn't compare to the 6.2. Prior to getting my Trailboss with the 6.2 in November I had a Titan XD with the Cummins. Pulling the same trailer I pull for work with the XD was completely different. Power and stability. Same thing with the Trailboss. Hands down the TB tows better than the Tundra. Not to mention the interior is far superior. That being said when it came time to get rid of the XD I never even considered a Tundra. It's a great free truck with a gas card and I love it for work, but I wouldn't buy one for personal use. Only point in the win column for the Tundra is the back seat...its huge. Other than that the TB wins every category.
  2. I think I’m getting old too...I’m content with my stock TB wheels. There just isn’t anything out there that makes me want to wet my pants and swap them out.
  3. I did air box, but I’m not crazy about it. Might move it to that opening and see how it does. I zip tied a hanger to sort of hold that end up to keep it from rubbing. Will probably go back in and rework it all but it’s ok for now. (hope it’s ok I answered...lol)
  4. I drilled out the rivets that were holding the GoRhino plate/tab on the top side and removed it. That’s the only mod I had to make to them.
  5. Yes they are. I had a hard time deciding what to get...but glad I chose them. They are perfect. Also they don’t have the tabs that hang down below like the D20’s. They call them a slider which might be a stretch but they are smooth on the underside.
  6. That was my worry too. After talking to GoRhino I realized they would be ok...and the DSS would be too narrow. It’s hard to tell from the pic but they are just right. Plus, there is nothing hanging below the step and the sit at the pinch weld. Clean and tight. I really like them.
  7. My feelings didn’t get hurt. You were just a dick and I thought I’d point it out. Enjoy your purchase. If you didn’t intend to be that way then so be it.
  8. You are welcome. You really didn’t even need to reply if it didn’t matter. I thought you might have been looking for one and needed a source. I was just attempting to be helpful. I’ll make a mental note moving forward.
  9. My old Titan XD did that during regens at first. Wasn’t terrible but you could tell something wasn’t right. It was a good indicator that a regen was happening. That went away when the DPF “fell off”.
  10. I ordered mine from Edge. It showed backordered but I went ahead and did it. They instantly charged my card (late February) and showed mid April as expected shipment date. It came 2 weeks ago. Can’t complain too much.
  11. In my opinion it’s well worth the money. I’ve had 3 vehicles done with ceramic and it’s amazing. The wife’s Jeep was probably the most impressive although the white TB came out pretty good too. Just something about a shiny black vehicle.
  12. Mine has been on since friday. TB with the 6.2 and the GM performance package. I changed the tire size from 32" to 33". Turned off DFM. Still got almost 18mpg on a 300 mile interstate and light city driving trip in the upper 70mph range. Turned off Auto Stop. Set the top speed to 120. (I don't need to go that fast but I don't like falling on my face at 98mph) Adjusted the throttle sensitivity to one notch above stock. (Didn't think I would need it but it seems to be perfect) Overall I think I like it. Yes it's a tad pricy but for what I was able to do I can live with it.
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