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  1. Some have had no issues, others report ball joint issues with a leveling kit without replacing the UCA when leveling the AT4 and TrailBoss. Might be something to consider.
  2. Check where the exhaust pipe goes into the back side of the chrome tip. I bet that's where it's coming from.
  3. I'm a huge Tennessee fan, but I don't think I could drive that every day...I saw one on the Insta a few months ago that was proper in the front. No black wings coming around the side. It was leveled with 35's and looked pretty good, but still. Couldn't do it every day. I chose white instead!
  4. Where did the all black TrailBoss decal come from? I removed mine all together, but that might make me put it back!
  5. Can’t go wrong with Crutchfield. They will help with everything you need. I’ve been using them for 30 years.
  6. Agreed...”with” chrome. Solid black wheels with that existing chrome would look funny to my eyes. That’s what I was getting at.
  7. This is just me...and my opinion, but I don't think black wheels will jive with all that chrome. To get a more aggressive look try a more aggressive tire first. Chrome can be mean if done properly...
  8. That was my thinking. I have the 6.2 and I love the power...don’t want to mess that up.
  9. I went very slight on the "oversized" part. From the stock 275/65-18 to a Ridge Grappler 275/70-18. Subtle yet slight. Works for me.
  10. Go Rhino Dominator D-6. I was torn between them and the DSS but when I talked to their Tech guy he said the DSS didn't have hardly any step surface. Bonus is that there is nothing hanging down below them...thus making them a "slider" according to Go Rhino. (I wouldn't want to try that out although they are pretty solid)
  11. Going against how I have been for MANY years I made a subtle swap this time...went from the stock 275/65-18's on my TrailBoss to a 275/70-18 Ridge Grappler. I wanted to keep my power, good ride, and performance. I have scowered the board looking for pics of another and couldn't find any. Overall I am pleased. I had 295/70-18's on my previous Titan XD and I know they would have fit here, but I didn't want a stuffed look. Also didn't want to level it and have to change the UCA's so here it is:
  12. Mine has it and the tips stayed the same. (unfortunately my TB has the chrome tips though...for now).
  13. Gotcha. I'm torn on what route to take. I'm ok with a 1/4" of rake.
  14. I need to see how it looks overall (the stance)...got my brain wheels turning!
  15. Picked up my 21 TB with the 6.2 last monday...drove it home. 3 days later at 240 miles the valve spring broke. The local dealership fixed it very quickly but needless to say I was a tad bit upset. Hopefully that's all that happens.
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