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  1. The chrome bezel around them is a separate piece.
  2. The maf probably has to get adjusted to the intake.
  3. Should just swipe on the screen to the camera menu, though it has a timeout
  4. https://boostautoparts.com/products/2003-2019-gm-auto-fogs-mod?utm_source=19%2B GM Auto Fogs&utm_medium=Description&utm_campaign=YouTube this?
  5. Most sites where you purchase them should come with detailed instructions.
  6. Should be straight forward. Did you buy them already?
  7. Picked up my 19 SLE Crew Cab 4x4 for $36k plus tt&l
  8. I am thinking about getting these for my sierra, do you have any pics of them installed?
  9. Yea I’m keeping an eye out for 2nd hand parts.
  10. There’s a few online outlets that carry it, however didn’t factor shipping so I’ll have to narrow it down. As far as I can tell the kit doesn’t include the bezels. Those are about $150.. yikes.... a pair
  11. Looks good! I’m looking to add fogs for my 19 Sierra. I’ve priced out the kit ($230) and should be able to install myself. I just wonder how much the dealer would charge me to flash the bcm.
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