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  1. I have had the Katzkin in my 2016 for about 2 years, looks great and has held up well.
  2. What brand is your brake controller? I would like to mount one in same location and most of them are to large to fit that opening. The only I seen close is draw tite. Thanks. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  3. PGamboea, I want to say thanks for providing the center console swap over cable. It worked perfect. My next project is DL3 mirrors. I would like to order your custom harness to change my DL8 mirrors to DL3's. I will order the switch replacment Part # 23154702, can you make the cable to match that switch? Also where is the best place to pirchase the DL3 mirror? Let me know the next step to get the cable ordered? Thanks Neal Lanham.
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