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  1. So a while back I had the original recall done for the brake wear monitor. I got the following recall for the brake system failure notification, did a lot of research here on it and figured id just do it next oil change at my dealer. I don't use onstar or my GMC app to start my truck, which is what to my understanding caused the software malfunction. So i am at 12,500 miles, no issues whatsoever since taking ownership. Love the truck. I pull out of lowes on to a busy street, go to stop at a red light...truck doesn't stop, all the warning lights come on and brake system malfunction. I used all my weight to press the pedal to SLOWLY come to a stop from about 40mph. Thankfully no cars, or pedestrians were in front of me and I was able to get to the side of the road. I then put the truck in park, turned it off. Gave it a minute or so, fired it back up and I had brakes, with the check engine light on. After testing a bit in a parking lot i was near, i slowly and carefully drove a few miles to my dealership to drop it off. They gave me an AT4 to take for the day while they did the software updates to my truck and assured that it was throwing the codes for that recall, and it is fixed That being said, if you haven't done the recall yet and are like me just waiting until your next service to get it done, DO IT ASAP!!
  2. I dumped 2200 pounds of crushed stone (x2 trips) in the back of my '19 Elevation. She was slammed, but only drove a couple miles home.
  3. 10k and no issues on my 5.3 DFM w/8 speed. Occasional 1-2 hard shift like others, but smooth like butter and tow's great. Coming from a Ram 5.7 with 6 speed, i actually had no complaints with that either. My buddy just bought a used 2016 5.3 AFM with 6 speed, and sitting in the passenger seat i had to keep my mouth shut watching it hunt for gears going through the mountains...hes excited though, because he doesnt know better lol.
  4. Its right on my GMC app under GMC smart driver. 4th option down on the main page. im at a 94, but mostly highway/back roads driving
  5. When i first bought my '19 5.3 8 speed if I was going very slow and it shifted into 2nd, it would slam into gear basically throwing the truck forward a bit. It seemed to mellow out after a few hundred miles...now have 5k and don't notice it as often..but once in a while it will catch me off guard...no other issues. Ill be back for a oil change soon, and ask the dealer if there is an update.
  6. I ended up buying my '19 5.3 GMC Elevation after getting frustrated with my '13 RAM. Little things kept going on the RAM, it ran, drove and towed great but little electrical demons mixed with a clogged heater core at 65k miles... I was standing in my driveway, back flushing the heater core getting all the crap out of it. Hooked everything back up, still no heat. I stormed out of my driveway and went to the GMC dealer and bought this truck out of pure frustration. Had a fishing trip scheduled for the next day, and put the first 300 miles on the GMC towing a boat about 3500lbs. I asked the dealer if there was a break in period, his response was "these engines are pre broken in, its not like the old days" . Anyways, I thought it would be good practice to at least change the oil early, did so at 1k miles. The dealer I bought from offers a free lifetime power train warranty as long as you follow the scheduled maintenance through them, and free lifetime car washes once per week. So there is no break in period for me lol. 5k miles and no problems or issues at all. Except for the brake pad sensor reading 49% left, but that doesn't concern me. Im not too picky and I like taking care of my things, especially with this warranty, Ill keep this truck forever.
  7. On my 2019, swipe the screen to the left as you would on your cell phone and the camera icon is on the second page of apps. The camera will play for about 10 seconds while driving then turn off
  8. I kept the unlimited data for $15 a month and downgraded my cell phone plan which turned out to be $14 a month savings. Figured having wifi in the truck for the same price was worth it. Paid off already when in spotty service in the back country and needed to make an emergency call, ATT had slightly better service than verizon. Its nice having two carriers for that reason i suppose.
  9. This is awesome, thanks! im at 64% Front pads at 3400 miles... I'll bring it in right when I pass the 6250 mark!
  10. 2019 GMC 5.3 Elevation package with dark sky metallic paint. 49k and change MSRP. 39k before tax
  11. I recently switched from a 2013 Ram 5.7 to a 2019 GMC 5.3 Elevation package. No regrets. Although first thing i did was upgrade the tires to Goodyear All terrains. Both are great trucks. The Ram has more power, and a much better sounding engine stock. The 5.3 with 8 speed transmission gets me about 22mpg highway, 5.7 with 6 speed was about 17. Little things started to go in the Ram though.. easy annoying fixes then a clogged heater core even after routine maintenance. Quoted $1800 for heater core replacement with 70k on the dash..NOPE. Would of rather had the transmission go. IMO I am really liking the elevation package. Good mix of "truck" and some of the nicer features like heated seats, etc without all of the craziness of the higher trims which I don't need. BEAUTIFUL paint, Dark Sky Metallic. Got to drive around a 2019 Denali for a couple days, and it was just too much. Although, I will be upgrading the shocks for a better ride at some point. 100% Happy with 2000 miles in...
  12. I have the s10e as well. You are able to see all your music? Can you access it from the infotainment music app while connected to bluetooth and browse? The try new android auto is turned on. I've tried Google music but cant see my music and browse it. It plays just fine though. I'm hoping I'm just stupid on this one lol. But it is odd.
  13. New GMC owner here, and new to the forum. Coming from a Ram, I do love this truck! Question regarding apple and android use. The first month of ownership I had a iphone, CarPlay was great. I could browse all my music by artist, genre, etc. Well since I was switching everything up in my life I decided hey why not get an android cell phone (always a iphone user). I put about 50gb of music on my new phone then went out to test out AA. With the phone plugged in I cannot browse any music in android auto or the regular infotainment music app. I hit browse, it says nothing is available. With my iPhone it was loaded with every artist. I messed around and downloaded new music apps on the phone. I was able to get it to shuffle through my entire music library with VLC music player. If I hit shuffle on the infotainment music app it also does nothing and I'm stuck in whatever artist its playing. I don't know if I'm missing something or doing something wrong since this phone is brand new to me. I'm hoping I just loaded the music wrong? (I dragged and dropped from my computer to the music folder in my phone). Any help would be appreciated!
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