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  1. I bought my 2018 Silverado in the fall of last year. It came with a 3rd Century Conversions package which included a 6 inch lift, 35" tires and a Super Chips FlashQal tuner for speedo calibration. I quickly grew tired of the AFM constantly kicking in and out so I upgraded the tuner to a FlashPaq to turn off AFM. No issues at all until last month (5,600 miles on the odo) when I got a flashing CEL for about 20 seconds. Didn't have any unusual indications other than the light. Called OnStar right away and they didn't see any stored codes. Used the tuner to check for codes when I got home and confirmed that there weren't any stored. Has anyone else had an intermittent CEL on a new Silverado? If so, was it a one-time deal or was there an underlying issue that needed to be resolved? Somewhat worried that my tuner might be the culprit. Thanks.
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