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  1. For what it’s worth, the thread also says they won’t honor it unless you had the app prior to Feb 2019, however, they gave it to me without hesitation based on my email.
  2. Here’s the message I sent FYI: Hello. I recently purchased a 2019 GMC Sierra SLT Premium Plus and traded in a 2017 Ford F150. I am surprised and disappointed that the one feature of my Ford I used the most, the messaging app, is not included on my new GMC. I relied heavily on this app as I communicate with my employees and family via text while traveling. Having my incoming texts read aloud and the ability to respond by voice was the one feature I used the most. I'm writing this email to request it be added back to my truck. My VIN is ### I know this can be done as numerous people on gm-trucks.com forum have been discussing how they have successfully had the app added back once requested. I understand I can use a tethered solution, such as CarPlay, however that does not work for me as I’m constantly in and out of my vehicle and can not accommodate the constant tether and untether. Thanks in advance and I look forward to my request being fulfilled and utilizing this excellent and safe feature. Much appreciated.
  3. Yep. 2019 with August 2019 build date, purchase in late September without the text app. Here’s a link to the thread with info:
  4. There’s a thread somewhere on the forum with instructions on who and what to email to GM to get the text messages app. I was successful and now have it.
  5. Mine fits similar to yours. Not to hijack your thread, but is anyone else's wood trim fitted very unevenly? On all 4 of my doors the trim is fit tightly at the front of the door and looks like it's coming off at the rear. It's driving me nuts. I've tried to mess with it and see if it's installed incorrectly or not pushed in but it seems to be attached correctly. I plan to mention to dealer during first service but want to know if this is normal or not. It's an August 2019 built' SLT. Pictures attached. Thanks, Drew
  6. I just switched from an F-150 to a Sierra and CarPlay looks exactly the same in both. I think CarPlay simply utilizes a semi-transparent grey background so you can see the album artwork in the background when uses Apple Music or Pandora. Personally, I think it looks cheap and cheesy and would prefer a darker theme. Hopefully a future update brings this.
  7. My 2019 SLT premium plus came with the trailer tire pressure sensors. They were in the glove box.
  8. Just letting folks know I purchased a truck in late September (August 2019 build) and I was able to email [email protected] and get the messages app. I emailed on a Sunday evening, received a call on Tuesday letting me know that have passed along the request to be fulfilled and the app was available for download on Thursday. So, worth a shot for those who have post Feb 2019 trucks.
  9. I picked up a SLT w/ X31 and Premium Plus package yesterday. MSRP of $58,320 for $44,998 and got what I felt was a very good price on my trade. Purchased in Decatur, Texas.
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