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  1. Looks great man! I need to get my HC done!
  2. Thanks!! I found a guy selling them on FB for 150 new in a box. Couldn't resist.
  3. Very nice!!! How's the drive? They pretty quiet?
  4. Changed out my running boards from chrome to black. These are a bit shorter but got them in Black and new in a box for $150! Had to do it.
  5. How hard would it be to install those tri mode steps onto a 19 Silverado HC?
  6. Post some pics! I'm on the same boat as you were before you upgraded your tires. Thanks!
  7. Can you post pics? Where exactly are you in TX?
  8. I only have one line in the middle when backing up. Can't remember if it had two before the blue screen of death appeared.
  9. Yea I think they told me what they did so that I'd go away. Will definitely take it back if this happens again. This what you're getting below?
  10. I took my truck in and they said it was probably updating during the time that I had the issues. So far so good. Will report if this happens again.
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