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  1. Yeah they ain’t paying nothing they said they ain’t liable pretty much. GM wooing it’s hands clea.
  2. Im here in the dealership gmc wants to send an engagement team to inspect the vehicle.
  3. Im here in the dealership now to see if they can figure it out. Most likely the electrical harness under the console
  4. Yeah they’ll never say it’s their fault, I was reading mindy’s Thread and it seemed like they where just giving her all sorts of bullshit excuses. And my insurance is making me go through a lot of shit it’s been three weeks and they haven’t done shit neither. I’m just going to end up fixing myself
  5. No the top didn’t catch any fire. I think that is started burning from the console and then the heat might’ve started melting the top console Melting ant the same time shrinking the console on top
  6. I took it to the dealership and showed it to them they right away pointed to the wiring harness that inside the center console. Electrical shortage is what they said. It sucks they also said repairs have to be out of pocket or through my insurance my warranty was expired . Just wanted to post for other drivers to be aware I called gmc to let them know about the problem they seemed to not care that much, Gave me a $100 dollar voucher to get it inspected the inspection is ($160) Lol
  7. Parked my truck in my drive way went inside the house took a shower and chilled for about 1 hour, hour and a half cane back outside opened the door and smoke started coming out, started coughing right away. Didn’t know what the heck was going on all I smelled was smoke, looked at my passenger seat and notice the seat, center console and my top console with my back window controls also melting. I noticed a sounds of crackling ( burning) Inside the center console but couldn’t see no flame anywhere at all
  8. I’m new to this page, but I’m trying to upload pictures cause that’s the same exact spot Where my truck was burning, no flames no nothing just opened the door and it was actually more like melting instead of an open flame
  9. Same thing happen to my 2014 GMC Sierra all terrain. What they end up telling you
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